Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Promised!

I promised some of you to show you how to make slippers.
As you know these cute ones were a gift to me by Karin.

If you want to make a pair go over to this site
You can find some more beautiful ideas for Christmas!

Now,for the people who wondered what the workshop
was I made......

This is what you need...and a ball you use to play ping-pong

And this is what I made of it.

I also wanted to show you this...as you know
these pots came with the mail...Mercedes
sent me the beautiful pots!

Today I found some plants to go in...they are mini
and real . ..aren't they cute?


  1. Thank you so very very much Sabiha, I shall get to and make some !!

    Thank you...Linda x

  2. Sabiha, thanks for sharing!!
    Pots are absolutely cute with real mini plants...

  3. Great workshop - very clever!! I love your mini plants!

  4. Aah, the real thing; Life plants in those lovely pots. It gives it all an extra demension. Verry special Sabiha, love it!

    As our new neighbour has a huge love for all kinds off gardenfires, ugh ugh ;-(, you must excuse me for hating those things. But your workshop is well thought-out :-)

  5. Olá Sabiha!
    Faz tempo que não apareço pois estava viajando novamente; gostei demais de tudo que está fazendo. Também gosto de misturar plantas naturais com miniaturas, algumas podemos cultivar por muito tempo ou então desidrata-las.
    Estou ancioso para chegar em casa pois soube que chegou uns presentes da Sylvia!!!!!!!
    Estou muito curioso e também poderei terminar e enviar para voce e para ela, os presentes que estou fazendo (espero que gostem!!!!).

  6. My goodness! What sort of real little plants are these?! And thank you for the link to make the slippers. Glad to have found you and have added you to my blog list.


  7. Hi Sabiha,
    I have made two pairs of these wonderful little slippers, (that you so kindly put a link up for)so just a quick note to say thanks...I have (ofcourse) put a photo of them on my blog!
    Thanks, Linda

  8. Hi everybody!...thank you all for the nice comments! Jody I'm sorry but I realy don't know the name of this real plant in English?It is the kind which grows between rocks?
    (Dutch name=rotsplantjes of vetplantjes)And thank you for adding me on your bloglist,x

    Linda,I will come and visit your blog!
    How nice that I could help you,x


  9. Sabiha, please call over to my blog there is an award for you there.. Hugs xx

  10. Hello Sabiha
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog,
    and I want to say that I am impressed by
    the workwhop with the ping-pong ball. I think
    I will give it a try, so thank you for
    sharing that idea!

    Eva J