Sunday, July 12, 2009


As some of you know, Sylvia came to visit me.We had the
most wonderful day and I wanted to share the beautiful
gifts she brought with her!

Yes, I know.....!!!!!!!!
I still can't beleive I own this piece of art!!!

She also made me these wonderful flowers... soon to
be plant at the flowerborder in the little garden.
This beautiful basket came along with the flowers
and has taken his place in the store...
The basket is used to collect the old wood I found
at the beach.
She also brought me a lot of materials to make mini' was
to much...!!!
I had a great time,thank you Sylvia!!!!!


  1. Wonderful Gifts Sabiha, the bench is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the materials Sylvia brought you..
    There is an award waiting for you over on my blog..xx

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  3. What a treasure trove Sylvia brought to you! That bench is beautiful!

  4. How wonderful to recieve all of these lovely gifts from Sylvia...the couch is amazing!!!
    But, more importantly how lovely that you can visit one another, chat, swap ideas, not to mention gifts....I feel sooooo far away!! It sounds like so much fun....think I'm envious!!
    Linda x

  5. Such wonderful gifts! That bench is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Hi Sabiha,
    Sylvia is a true artisan! You are so lucky to be able to see each other 'in real life' ha, ha!

  7. Que suerte!!, que regalos tan maravillosos.

  8. Nice to meet people with the same interestes...
    since there is a bunch of you in Nederlands I suppose I shall have to come sooner or later.
    Thank you for you assistance offer on the Casa Rossa. Any help will be precious and yours as a decorator even more.I'll keep in touch Hugs

  9. Debbie,thank you so much for the comment and the beautiful award....I have to take some brake from the mini's and blog,there are to many things in the rel world I have to do. I prommise to show you what I have made with the materials Sylvia gave to me...if I have the time?

    Claudia,it sure is a treasure!

    Linda,yes it is so great to have a friend over you can share the same interest with...I wished you could do that too...if only you were a little bit closer!

    Rosanna,that would be wonderful...promise me that when ever you will be here you come and visit us!!! I love to help you with Casa Rossa,it would be an honor!

    Thank you for the comments dear friends...It will be a little quiet for some time on my blog...but don't worry...I'll be BACK!

    Hugs and lots X!

  10. You are very lucky to live so close to each other and play minis together.

    your gifts are wonderful...I love the bench.