Thursday, October 29, 2009

A day with Karin!

Today Karin came to visit me,and I can tell you
it was a fantastic day! She brought me a present,
and I'm over the moon excited about this... it is a
designer miniature chair!

The Earo Aarnio Pastil Chair!

Here it is,I fotographed it in front of a
design book with the same chair on the cover!

I love these miniature designers and collecting them!
I had already once purchased the Chaise Longue from
Le Corbusier,so now I have two of these designer chairs!

Karin sells these beautiful designer chairs,so if you are
interested take a look at her blog!
You can also mail her at .

Out that we talked a lot we also find some time to do some
crafting! We made baskets...I once saw the idea at Grumbler
and Poppet dutch blog and wanted to have one of these !

This is the is for the Long Island
Beach House...... one day to make?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mini Visit!

2 Nice days are coming up for me to spent with some wonderful
mini friends!
Tomorrow my friend Karin will visit me and Friday I finaly will
visit I know for sure the comming days will be lots of fun!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Married!

My big sister and who is also my best friend is just married!
During the day we were at my house where I had prepared
a lunch for the guests I also did all the decorations myself...
At night there was a big party with live music provided by
my husband and his band!
It was a great day to remember!
If you want to see more pics ga over to my Lifestyle blog or
klick the picture!


I've created a cabinet for the cellar, except
the stairs and a lot of barrels and bottles I think
it is finished for now.

There were some questions about the processing
of the walls and floors.It is very simple, you use
sandpaper , a sharp object and a ruler.Draw lines in
the sandpaper and bring it on color with paint!
The rest speaks for itself ....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday I spent all day coming up with a
base for the wine cellar. Nothing came out
of my hands, and everything I tried failed.

Texas Belle gave me a link with a beautiful
picture with a wine cellar and this finally has
gave me the inspiration.

Thank you Texas Belle!!!

There has been a leak in the cellar,the drain
in the utiliti room was the cause... at the ground
you see the damage.The ceiling has the same damage.
Unfortunately it was too dark,to show it on the
pictures. You can not see the detail that well .
By the way, the leak caused the damage is solved ....

There is still no stairs,but I decided to buy
one,sometimes I get a little bit lazy.....
So the next thing to make is some furniture?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wine Cellar!

I'm started with the second showcase off my big project,
the wine cellar.I've only whitewashed the walls, but wanted
to show you anyways.It will not be a big wine cellar,still
asking myself how I can fill it? There are a lot of wine barrels
and bottles needed to fill this cellar?

Even when there is not much to see yet and it will take years
to fill it,I could not resist to put the best miniature already in
the empty room....

The seat Leo Furtado made me,it is perfect for the wine cellar!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raining Awards!


Casey from:
Daisy from:
KC-design from:
Genevieve from:
Bego from:

I hope I did not forget anyone?

It was award time in Blogland! Thank you for all
bloggers who past me an award, it is always een
great honor to receive one!

Because I find it hard to choose between all the
great blogs here in Blogland, I decided to give
everyone an award who follows my blog and to
the ones I follow.

Since I have started blogging I have met such wonderful
blogfriend! I received a couple off awards and I have to admit
that I did not always follow the rules by passing them on.....
so I hope I make it up to you with giving them away all at once!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Worth Waiting For!

Nearly 7 weeks ago Mercedes sent me an envelope, containing
a tabletop for the frame she already had sent me.Unfortunately
the package never came. Mercedes as sweet as she is,comforted
me by saying that she would make me a new one, but today the
lost package finally found the way to my house .... and it was worth
waiting for. See for yourself!

The table is pefect...the colors and little ornaments inside and
my own logo,amazing!
The picture frame with Sylvia and Mercedes waiting
for me in Paris,how cute is that!
The wonderful books,with a mini version of Léa Frisoni's

What more can I say....THANK YOU MERCEDES!