Friday, February 25, 2011

Some explaining to do!

This post is especially for Cathi from
Beautiful Mini Blessings and Kate from
The Whittaker's miniatures

And of course for all those are interested?

How to make dormer windows.

First you have to determine the right angel.
There is a very simple trick to do that. Use
a white sheet of paper and hold it against
the roof...determine how big you want to have
it and and fold it against the edge.

Your template is rady...this will be just
the right angle for the roof.

I used some thick cardboard to make the rest of the is up to you how you make it. I wanted
to have a front to fit the windows in. You can use only
your window as a front and glue the sides to it.

Hold the templates together with some tape and
now your right size dormer window is ready. You can
check if it will fit and make some adjustmant as necessary.

For the hole in the roof use the inside demensions of the
dormer (the one you gona use)....hope my explanation
will help Kathi????

How I make the clothes pins.

I have used the carved thooth picks.

Than cut it here.....

And here......

Sand it on both sides round......

Splitt it with a sharp knife....and ready you are!
Have fun making them Kate!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roof almost done!

I did some work on the roof....need some
roof tiles but it is getting somewhere.

Could not help myself and started to decorate
inside...I used wallpaper Rosanna gave me as
a gift at the Paris show in 2010.
Doesn't it look just perfect?

The white wallpaper came from Sylvia, the
match is great! Picture with frame is from
Mercedes. It is a picture of Sylvia and Mercedes
waiting for me in Paris,lol!

In the back is the hallway and in the front
is the bathroom.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More work done!

The ground floor and first floor are finished
for now! Next the roof on this site, needs to
be done...I saved it for the last!

Angels gift by an Angel...Mercedes!

Buxus gift from Karin a long time ago...
finally a spot to use it!!!

Hortensia my very first gift also from Karin.

One of my advent calendar gifts was an ornament
I now used as a leg for a it!

Just like the real one with a weir edge.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have made some clothespins...I'm not sure if this is the right
word to call it? I made antique ones just like I have in 1:1.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Wall Finished!

I worked at the weekend and by night, and
finished this site ofthe house too....
It was night when I took the pictures.

Kitchen window.

This is the next and last site of the house has
to be done.... For now it has to wait, this week
there will be no time for playing.
Link for the blossom kit:

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Blossom Surprise!

Yesterday, when I came late from work...there
was waiting a surprise for me.

M-tje send me a kit from Hanny, to make blossom
twigs. I had seen them once on her blog and told
her that they also would be nice in my new house.

She did not forget it and make my wish come true...
How blessed am I with all those wonderful friends!

The laundry can be washed, because there
is a drying rack...made by the talented
Wim van Soest!
There is one rack more what is on its way, made
by a friend from the Dutch blog, show you
when it is arrived. That one is to hang on the
bathroom door.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Down...Three More To Go!

Yes, I did it and I love it!

This is how the windows on this site of the
wall must look. You can shut the shutters,
if there is a need for.

Three more to go....

I had to dress up the windows in the inside
too, before I put them on there place.
For the curtains again I used a piece of
lace Mercedes send me....all the windows
will have the same curtain on this site.

I also had to add paper on the bedroom wall,
where the windows are placed.....and of course
I could not help myself and played a little with

The bench is made by Sylvia and all of the
cusions aremade by the vry talnted Rosanna.

The most thing I like about having a house is,
that I finaly can take out all the wonderful
treasures and give them there rightful place,
instead of saving them in boxes, waiting to be used!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gift, Bits and Pieces, Things need to be done!

Yesterday, Sylvia came to visit me, and that
is always so much fun. She loved the results,
of what I have done with the house...after
all she is the builder of this wonderful house.

Sylvia would not be Sylvia, if she came empty
handed....she made me these little baskets and
a beautiful Hyacinth....gorgeous!

Who did not finish to sweep the stairs?

This broom and dustpan is absolutely one of my
most favorite is made in perfection!

The geranium is placed on a little table,
Mercedes made that a little butterfly?

I also added a basket on a can be
handy for little stuff to put in what has to go
to the first floor.

Have to go through my boxes to find some
little stuff to put in....

I also will be adding a drying rack, with wet
laundry, of course!

I love what Karin did with this door....
I also would like to make a wire fence like
this for my upstairs door.
(if Ifind the right piece of wire?)

This will be a much bigger challenge....I will try to make
two lamps like this one, to hang above the doors.

Because the space on the wall next to the stairs is so empty,
(and I do not like empty spaces!) it would be a wonderful
spot to grow a Blue Rain like this one....

And the stair banister can use a climbing rose!

Much done and much to be finish this side of the
house. In the meen while I started with the second wall of
the house.