Saturday, February 27, 2010

Giveaway, sign in till Sunday!

Just because there are so many wonderful people who are following my blog, I wanted to say, thanks to all of you!!!

I recently have received a couple of times the sunshine award,wich I'm very greatfull for. There are so many blogs I follow and love, I decided to do a "GIVEAWAY"
This give away will be a surprise,and will entirely be made to the wishes of the winner.

The rules are very simple: Do a post on your blog telling everyone to join this giveaway and leave a comment at this post!

There will be two giveaways: One I will pick out of the names who left a comment ,and one for the 250 st follower on my blog!
So do not forget to check if you are a follower?
You can sign in till Sunday (7) and on Monday(8) I will tell you who is the lucky winner!

Thank you all for this beautiful award!

Debbie, from: Tiny Treasures
Lena, from: Miniatyrmama
Irene, from : Apples Tea Room
Deni, from: Deni's Dollhouse Mania

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to make a Fire Basket!

Christel Jensen has found a cool tutorial made by
Amy Merric on the site Design Sponge.

Christel made her own variation,and created a
fantastic chairs by using the wire parts from
Champagne Corks.

I wanted to share an other idea with you, of what
more can be made out of these wire parts.

This is what you need. The plastic basket are small pots
of water plants for a fishbowl. Do some cutting and painting,
and ....Tádá!

One Fire Basket!

This idea I came up with when I was sitting in front of my
own real fire basket warming up on the heat!
I thought.... I want one in mini too,for my little garden I was
working on at that time.

(older post; April and May 2009)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go on with our fantastic Hobby!

I thought it was time to change the subject!

Let's forget everything and go on with our
great hobby and especially give all lovely
people all attention they deserve!

So, thank you all for being a friend in this mini
world and for all your support and comments!

Sylvia sent me this beautiful card with a sweet
gift hidden inside,to cheer me up.....,how cute is this!

She is always so thoughtfull and also a very good
friend...Thank you Sylvia,x

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All about a little box!

It seems that there was someone I forgot to mention on my previous post!

The little box in front of the bed in my daughters roombox,was a gift from
Edith, Grumbler & Poppet

Well not the box but a printie of the box,she sent herself to me
by email to use!!!!!! (this was for a year or two ago)
And that is exactly what I did,I made just one box and used it for
my little girls roombox! I did not sell,give or copied it to anyone else!

She says that I have used it without her permission and accuses me for steeling it from her????

If I use something and it is not mine I always refer to the one who give me the inspiration or permission....hé, do not show it other wise!!! We all get inspiration of each others work and I am honnored if someone likes my work. I am also honnored if someone takes the time to make and
sent me a gift and I'm proud to show it to you all.

I will not remove her comment she gave at my previous post,so you can make your own opinion about it....but I did removed the box!

I,m not the kind of person that likes arguing,but I could not just let go.......

I am furious!!!!!!!


Little girls roombox for Ilayda!

My little girl asked me if I could make a roombox for her!
I could not resist her sweet face and made this little girls
roombox. She helped me with it,but than it was time for
her to go to bed! I finished it for her so I could surprise
her in the morning!
Most off the little goodies I already collected. There are
many gifts from Mercedes in it too,like the flower bags,
trash can,wonderful scrapbook with real foto's of Ilayda
in it,jug,canister and the little bird houses with her name!
There are also gifts in it from some Dutch friends too:
Karin,big bird house with flowers and desk founder. Margriet,
beetle cushion on the bed, Sylvia,tulips and a canister Eva
made.Hope I did not forget anything or someone.

And yesterday there was a surprise for me too!
Sylvia made this for me for Valentine...isn't it wonderful!
Thank you Sylvia!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Water Pipes!

I think,now all the adjustments to give the
pantry a character are ready. Today I did
some plumming and made some water pipes.

I also put up a shelf above the little table,
to fill the space at the wall.
At the show in Arnhem,I hope to find some
goodies, I have in mind to fill the shelves
above the sink.

I love the lights in these pictures!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Over the years I have saved some wonderful printies.

I thought it was time to make some of these,and did
some shopping for the mini people!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today Sylvia came to visit me,and we had a good time
together! It is always so nice to be with a good friend
who shares the same interest.

I showed her a bucket I bought some while a go at a flea
market. I told her that I really like it,but it is not the right
scale! Than she came up with this fantastic idea to make
a trash can...isn't she clever!

Tile Tutorial!

Josje, have just made a translation for the tile tutorial.

You can find it here
(scroll down):

Thank you, Josje!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Specialy for Synnove!

And it is a little bit dirty...haha!
It was to dark to make pictures,but beleive me
it is much better now! I used some tea to make it
a little bit dirty,not to much but just enough to
make it look older.

Tiles and wood panels in the Pantry!

Some time ago,I worked on a pantry and at that
time I was very pleased with the results.
(older post)

However something changed...I was not happy
with the walls? Even though I wanted clean
white walls,it missed something.....tiles and some
wood panels.

I made the tiles with some help from Josje.
She made a tutorial how to make these wonderfull tiles! click on " wandtegeltjes"
and see how it is done!