Sunday, April 25, 2010

Record Time!

At the show in Arnhem, Sylvia from Lutjeboudel
sold these fabulous workshops of market stalls. I
regret that I did not bought one!

Friday I emailed Sylvia, and told her that I just
had to have one. As a lovely lady she is, she
immediatly sent me the workshop and the next day
at Saturday I received it.

Well, now it Sunday and I finished it already!
It is a record time I think!

Update New Project!

Because, I do not know when I will have some
more time to work on some minies...I have to work

New Project!

Yes!!!! Finaly I have find some time to start
a new little project...?

I had to finish my giveaways I promissed so,
but now I finished those I can do some mini's
of my own!

I hope to finish it later this you have
to wait to see more!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tutorial Jam Jars!



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apricot Jam!

Last week I visit Karin together with Ilayda, it was a
wonderful day and we had loads of fun!
Karin told me to bring some tranparent pen?
She had this great idea to make some jam jars, I filled
mine with delicous Apricot jam!
( real we used some glue and paprika)
Thank you for the nice day,Karin!
The wonderful valve bench is an earlier gift from Sylvia!
Rosanna made a perfectly matching mattress and pillow
using her famous stich work!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

For me it is a Happy Easter indeed!

Yesterday and today, we celebrated Easter with family and
good friends! The kids had to find the eggs the Easter Bunny
had hidden...and that was a lot of fun!

The second was, I had two packages to open....

The first one was the Easter swap, Caterina had organized!
Thank you caterina for making this possible.

My swap friend was the sweet and very talented Meli, from Spain!

She told me in her card that wearing new clothes on Palm Sunday
is a tradition in Spain, so she made me the most wonderful little
girls dress I have ever seen! It is so tiny, yet so perfectly made with all it's detaills.
She also made matching shoes...they are so cute! Amazing how tiny they are!

Thank you Meli, for this beautiful gift!

Isn't it cute...?

This is the back of the dress...look at the pearl buttons!

Well, think these speak for them selves!

Than there was an other package....for Ilayda and me,
from my best friend Mercedes and Liberty!
Ilayda was thrilled and jumped at her chair, with joy!

Look at these wonderful treasures........ so many!!!

This little box is is so small and perfectly made.
The little bird nest is inimini tiny....I love it!!!

Liberty and Mercedes made some wonderful
gifts for Ilayda too, to put in her little girls bedroom!
All the gifts were hidden in these cute eggs...somehow
I only could find one off them, to put on the picture?
Ilayda told me the Easter Bunny took them away to hide
them....hmmmm, I wonder if his name was Ilayda?

Mercedes made the wonderful bird houses,
and the famous little doll! The bear has also
found a nice place on the bed.

Mercedes made also the canister with rabbit
on it and the bottle with pink pearls in it!
But the most fantastic gift Liberty made!
She made cotton candy for Ilayda, well that
is something Ilayda loves very much!
Liberty also sent Ilayda a late birthday pressent..
that I will show on my other blog soon!
Thank you so much Liberty and Mercedes!