Monday, July 22, 2013

BD present

Last Saturday it was my BD and one of my dear friends, had this amazing 1:12 BD gift!

My friend is a very tallented camerist and will teach me to handle a camera with some lessons photography!

Can I use this antique camera?


Yes, I has been a while since my last post! 
The reason is that we are working on our 1:1 house and 
I also was very busy with my work.

Because my workroom is a storage room voor boxes 
with stuff, the last months I don't have a place to work.

Some while ago, I had some sweet mini friends over for visit:)
We had a great time and we talked a lot! 

They also had some suprises for me;)

Beautiful leather shoes a cushion and the perfect
carpet-beater from Ineke. Her work is into perfection
and I'm over the moon with these little treasures!

This drying rack was a gift from Sylvia's brother Remco.
He is no 1:12 scale miniaturist, but took the effort to make
this wonderful piece of miniature!

This very handy and handcrafted note book was a gift 
from Margriet...can tell you that it came in handy with 
all the renovations in my home and it is for good use!

This amazing fire extinguisher was a gift from Sylvia,
to keep the miniature people save:)

Thank you dear friends:))))

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lifestyle Interiors

Since I did some mini baking, I just couldn't find the time for mini's:( It has been crazy with my work, but only fun things!

In an older post I told you I have a busy life and loads of more interests:) If you like
to know me better and like to know what I'm up to you can follow me on my
Lifestyle Blog:)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This is the harvest of was the very first time I worked with Fimo!
With some help of a great tutorial of Christel Jensen and some fruit canes of Angie Scarr,
I made my very own cheesecake. I found it difficult to mix the fimo in the right dough color and give it a baked look with chalk. The color does not look very realistic in my opinion, but I will not complain......after all it is my first attempt;)

Link tutorial Christel Jensen:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kitchen progress!

Last week I didn't do much, but in my last post I promise to show you the progress I did on the kitchen.

Of course the walls and floor need a lot of my attention but I thought it might interest you, to see the work I already have done.

The top of the long sidetable I have covered with lead as so the kitchen trolly in the corner. The butchers chopping blog I made some years ago.

As soon as I have time, I want to concentrate on making some fimo sweets:) It will be my first time, so wish me good luck:))))

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I made a little bit of shop progress. I took out the floor of the crafts room to use it in the shop. Next, making some delicious cake:)))

I also made a lot of progress with the kitchen, but that I will show you an other time;)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lucky Girl:)))

First of all, I like to thank all of you for your comments on my last post! I think all your good advise will help me to protect the colors of the flowers and plants;)

As you know I was the lucky winner of Tony's giveaway! I was so thrilled to open the package when it arrived, and it even was more beautiful as a ever could imagine!!!!

Thank you again Tony, for this wonderful piece of is a true treasure!

I went to the Apeldoorn fair today with my dear friend Sylvia and I had a wonderful day:))) It was nice to see a lot of old friends and met a lot of new people. I have bought a lot of miniatures and spend way to much money!

The swallow is made bij Carla Zandvliet.
She has no website.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Because lack of space, I have to place the house in front of the window in my office. Unfortunately it catches a lot of sunlight which fades the colors of the tiny paper plants and flowers:( Does anyone know how I can protect the colors against the light???

I add 2 pics of the Hosta's I made and didn't show yet.

This weekend I'm going with my dearest friend Sylvia (lotjesdollhouse) to the Apeldoorn fair:) My wish list is very long, I hope to show you next week my purchases!

Ro, perhaps you allready can start making a survival kit for me this time:)))

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Surely something new!

I had to go to a meeting this morning, but my youngest had to stay home this morning because she didn't feel good, so I had to cancel the meeting.

She went back to bed and mom desided to work on some miniatures now she had some free time while her daughter was taking a nap;)

I already had something in my mind and had to move fast, to finish before she would wake;)

I told you that I'm planning to add a garden to the house in the future. For a garden you need water for the flowers! A tab was needed....I already had one tab next to the staircase, so I just copied the same for the side of the house.

Next thing I had in mind, was a table. I had an empty square make-up container and thought that it would work perfectly as a table top. I knew exactly what to use for it and the job was done in a flash;) I will use it in the future garden, for now I placed it in front of the future tea shop.

The day that I posted about my flowers, I also made 2 Hosta's...didn't show yet!

If there are people wonder, if I ever do something else than working on miniatures? Yes, I am married ( this year 20 years), I'm a mom of 2 kids, son almost 18 and daughter 10 years old, I'm running
my own (interior design) business for 6 years now and I'm doing well, I have to do all the house work myself and I like it when everything is tidy and clean, I do have to make sure there is food on the table every day( glad I love to cook) I try to go 3 times in the week to the gym, we do have a very active social live with lots of family and friends...

So NO, miniatures is not the only thing I do and NO I don't have a lot of spare time, just try to make some time in between the million things I have to do and than work as a mad woman on my miniatures;))))

Do you recognize this???

Old news;)

I haven't done much since the nothing new to show yet! I thought it would be a nice idea to show you all the sides of the house instead.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Flower Power!

I love flowers and plants, especially in the miniature scene!

There are miniaturist who are skilled in the art of making the most amazing flowers and plants and I rather would prefer to buy these!!! Though I'm not that good at making plants as a would like to be, I still have to make a great deal myself to save me some money;)

Because I have a roof terrace, balcony, three sides and probably a big garden to fill, I attempted to make a start;)

For the people who wonder how I turn on the lights without wiring....the last picture shows you the trick;) That is how I will do it in all the just have to be clever in hiding the battery!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter:)

I'm thrilled and excited to tell you that I'm the lucky winner of Tony's giveaway:)))
I still can't believe it??? Am I realy this lucky to win such an amazing treasure?!?!

Tony is a real minature master and makes these wunderkamer miniatures and more amazing art! If you don't aready know her, go over to her blog and pay her a visit:)

This week I was to busy and had no time for miniatures. Time has come to work on the kitchen, I hope I will find some time soon;) The only thing I could do is a bit of light in the bookcase...

Last me to say....HAPPY EASTER:)))

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coffee Table!

A nice addition to the living room is this new footstool which will be used as a coffee table.