Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Give Away Update!

Dear friends,

In my previous post I announced a give away, but there is some misunderstanding about it!
It is not clear to me who wants to participate on the miniature give away and who on the cookie cutter give away?

I have two give aways, one (here) on my miniature blog and one on my Lifestyle Interiors blog.
If you like to partcipate on the miniature give away, leave a comment on this post on this blog, but if you like to participate on the cookie cutters give away you have to comment on the post at my Lifestyle Interiors post and be a follower on that blog too! Hope I made myself clear to prevent misunderstandings?

The miniature give away will be a lingerie set, customized in color!
I will announce the winner on 27th September!

If you like to participate on the cookie cutter give away go over to my LifeStyle Interiors
blog and become a follower and leave a comment on that post! Only than you
will have a chance to win the cookie cutter give away!

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and the trouble I may have caused!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Give Away

Hi dear friends,

I prommissed you a give away and I can tell you I'm working on it this instance.
As soon as I finish it, I will tell, so you can join my give away miniature surprise?

I have also a give away on my LifeStyle Interiors blog, so if you like to particcipate
on that give away too, go over to my blog and be a follower and leave me a comment
at the post on my lifestyle blog please! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Book from my best mini friend!

 Yesterday I had my late 40 party...I had a High Tea Party, only for Ladies!
If you like to see what I have baked for all the ladies, come over to:

I'm spoiled rotten, but there was a very special gift from Sylvia!

At first I didn't wanted to unwrap it, because it was allready beautiful this way!

Sylvia made a book for me, with all her little mini projects in it...
it is so beautiful !
If you like to see it online, click here.

Sylvia, nog maals bedankt, ook al ben ik je mini vriendinnetje mijn
vriendschap is heel groot :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TV Performance!

This time no miniatures, but the thing in 1:1 scale!

20 August I had my first tv performance on the Dutch sender TV Rijnmond.
It is a lifestyle programme named WEG, with a summer special about and for students.

My challenge was: Decorate 2 rooms for girl and boy student with furniture
from a recycle shop (second hand shop) .

If you're wondering how I did the challenge click on the photo to go to my Lifestyle blog
and watch the you tube broadcasting.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Thank you all again for your support and comments!
Though I'm very happy to have my old blog back, 
I also have some old problems back....grrrrr!

Placing a comment on some of yourblogs
 is one of them......sometimes I get tiered 
of Blogger!!! But the knowing that my friends
are waiting for me, keeps me going on!

I really have not much new to show, so I 
thought maybe you like to see my workspace?
I need to change it, but for now it stays like this.

I only made some changes at the Creek house, added a Oakre line,
just like the house of my grandmothers in Creece!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm back!!!!!


Thank you all for your support and help to start a new blog, and as you all will
understand I think I will go on with the old one...this one!!!

To thank you all I will make a give-away and allot between all my followers!
Give me some time....soon I will show the give-away???