Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi, all of you!

If you will have noticed I have been absent for a while.
Unfortunately I have no time for Minies at the moment
and I fear this will continue for now. I am simply to busy
with my business right now and I need to focus on it.

Of course I do regret that there is no time for minies and
than it is so nice to receive mini gifts!
Look at this fabulous stich work Sylvia made me!!!
No cold feet when the lady of the Provence house gets out
of bed.

Dank je!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Late Birthday Surprise!

My dear friend Mercedes, has spoiled me
rotten with wonderful late Birthday gifts!

The gifts were beautifully wrapped and it was
a pleasure to open.

There was a beautiful crown shaped candle
holder in it and the cuttest bird cage I have
ever I have two!
One for the dollshouse and one for my own cute is that!

Go to Mercedes blog, to see more wonderful
Thank you again dear friend, you are the best!
I also would like to apologize for my absence, but
I am currently very bussy with 1:1 scale projects.
I am sorry to say that I even have no time to do
some blogging and read all your beautiful blogs and
provide them with comment.....
Till I have more time for blogland, I will miss you....!