Thursday, June 25, 2009

Such a loveley day!

Yesterday,my dear mini friend Karin came to visit me.
I was all excited about it and I can tell you it was a
wondreful day!

As such a darling she is,she brought me a beautiful
present...all the mini presents she made me were displayed
so nice. It was to beautiful to open it,but I knew there
were mini's for me...I just could not resist it,haha!

Wow!!! what can I say....see for your self,isn't
that fantastic? A beautiful basket,an delicious cake,
a cute little flower bird-house,a little tree,the most tiny
slippers,this beautiful fabric with little strawberries
on it an the master peace a boothsrack!

After all these wonderful gifts,it was time to have
some lunch...

We have had an wonderful day...talking about mini's!

Who is the next one will come and pay me a visit?


  1. Hi Sabiha! I'll be there as soon as I can. Ha, Ha...may take a few years to get there!
    What a wonderful friend Karin is and that lunch looks fantastic!

  2. What wonderful presents your friend Karin brought you Sabiha and how nicely they were displayed and wrapped. If only you lived closer I'd love to pop in and say Hello..
    Mini Hugs xx

  3. Lucky you having mini friends to come to play...and bring presents :-)

  4. I wish I were nearer! you could come and have a stroll by the sea and I could have a look at flower beds.And we could exchange minies of course !!

  5. Oh wat ben jij verwent zeg....een cadeautje om uit te pakken.....wat.....eigenlijk nooit uit te pakken maar zo lekker van te genieten.......
    Een lieve vriendin.
    Fijn weekend

  6. Wow! Those minis are great! But so is the food! Did you cook?

  7. !Que suerte de amigo!, cositas fantasticas, y un rico almuerzo. No se puede pedir más.

  8. What a wonderful friend you have! Such great mini presents...I know you will enjoy them!

  9. Olá Sabiha!!!
    Que legal!!!
    É muito bom fazer amigos e poder passar alguns bons momentos.
    Eu estive viajando estes dias e quanta coisa bonita foi realizada neste período!!!
    Parabéns pelos presentes!!!

  10. I would LOVE to come and play!! The miniatures your received are wonderful, I REALLY love the little cute!!!...your friend wouldn't have a pattern by any chance that she is willing to share????...and as for your real lunch...yummy!!!!

  11. Mercedes,I will wait for you,haha!

    Sans,yes I like to cook,as many as I like to make mini's!

    Linda,It isn't realy difficult to make..I 'have made some my self too..Ilook if I can make a workshop soon,to show you!

    For all of you,it was a nice day,with a lovely friend....Hugs to all off you!

  12. Hello!
    I just love all things that You made!
    I´ve also have an award to you to pic up in my blog.


  13. Thank you Sabiha, that would be fun!...they look so sweet.