Sunday, March 27, 2011

Arnhem Fair 2011!

Bad cold or no cold...I went to the Arnhem Fair, with my dear friend Sylvia yesterday. The show was in the Eusebius Church and there were many miniatures showing their wonderful stuff. Though I like the setting of the curch...I like the show in the Rijnhal much more. I had a list with materials I needed to get some more work done on my house, like flooring and other stuff, but unfortunately for me I did not found it at the fair. There were many beautiful other miniatures I would have love to buy, if my budget would have allowed it!!!! Still I bought some stuff. Ribbon, little sea stars wallpaper, some plates, plant and glass items. The table is made by a miniaturist who lives in the same town like me. L.A. Little Artist, Huu Phuoc Nguyen...he makes amazing miniatures. The table was very cheap and I will change the color but I don't think I use it for the French house. On top of my list I had a glass and a tooth brush...the glass was commisioned for me at the show by Leo Reijnders. All the other glass items are also made by him. The little tooth brush I bought from Miniatur Puppenwelt Wengen. Every show visit, I have to buy something from them, because it is made in such perfection. I made promisse Sylvia that she would not bring any gifts for me.....Of course she did not listen and made me some gifts!!! Love every bit of it,XXX
There were some more gifts from Sylvia from

Lutjeboudel. She is such a darling and make the

most wonderful workshops.

Go and have a look:

Thank you girls,XXXX!

I keep it short, beacause I am still not feeling

good...I am going back to my bed I think!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Dear miniature friends,

I want to introduce you to an other miniature friend....
some of you allready know her, but for who does not
I think she must be known by you.

Marie-Laure from Recreation Miniature (click on her blog name)
makes the most beautiful furniture you must see.

She is not only good in making furniture she is also
good in making miniature scenes. She works on some
wonderful projects.

I invite you to go and see her blog and follow her work.
I do love her work very much, thats for sure!

Tomorrow I will go to the Arnhem show with Sylvia.
Though I am having a bad cold and layed in my bed
almost the whole day....I am very excited to go to the show.

Hope I will feel much better tomorrow????

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No time for miniatures, but wonderful friends!

Last weeks I did not much done on the
French house. First no inspiration(still) and
now I simply have no time. I hardley can find
the time for blogging. So, no progress at all!

That is the reason of my absence lately and
I am ashamed that it took so long to show you
what I received from my wonderful friends
when I recently was visiting Sylvia.

Don't have to tell you that we had a fantastic
time together and I wished I could do this
every day!

This little birdcage was a gift from Margriet.
I love wired birdcages, so it wasn't that difficult
to find a nice spot for it in the house. I put a
little nest and antique book in it, Mercedes made

Think it is made for this table!

From Ineke I received this wonderful, made
in perfection broom. It is just "WOW"!

She also made this cushion with print.
Love cushions, the more the better!

And if it wasn't already enough...she also
made this framed picture of a Lotus flower.

As you all know Sylvia can't stop spoiling me,
she also had some beautiful presents.

A handstitched towel and some potholders.
Of course in the right collors and perfect
for the kitchen.

And a box full of wonderful!

Dank je meiden, het was een fantastische dag!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Round Table!

Yesterday I made a round table with a
white table cover. It is the size of a little
dining table so I can put a lot of stuff on it
with decorating purpose.

Little books were also a gift from Mercedes.
The advent calendar swap was a trick to fill
my house,lol!

The table will have a place between the
windows in the livingroom. Close your eyes
and imagine it with finished floor,walls and

This table....well this time it is made by me.
I don't have to tell you I got the inspiration from
Mercedes her famous shabby tables.
The whole table is made from metal and it will be
used in the bathroom.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

To get some inspiration...I grabed
a cup of tea and browsed through
Léa Frisoni's book!

Yes, a mirror...I need a mirror for my
bathroom! I took a good look at the
pictures and than looked what I had
around to make one myself.

I'm not the person who likes gold
colors on furniture...but, for the bathroom
I make an exception. White and some
gold touch!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just palying!

Because I do not have enough materials to start with the
floors and ceilings, I tought I could just use my time for
some thinking and playing.

The next photo shows, the colors and furniture I will
use for the living room. The bench in the middle is one
I have in my possession for years now and has had several
times a different color.

The orchid is made by Carla Zandvliet and is from silk...
I also have some tiny butterflies she made! She has no site
or blog, she only sells her stuff at fairs. I put this beautiful
plant in a vase Mercedes made me. The little cushions with
the birdcage print and candle holder and two ornaments are
also a gift from her. The chair with webbing and wheels is too.
The wall ornament (on the chair)was a gift from Karin.

The other chair is a gift from Sylvia, she made it some years
ago for me. The cushion is also made by her...isn't it beautiful?

I am so excited about the thought of finaly using all these
wonderful gifts from my friends!

The next two photos show the furniture I will use for
the bedroom. In this room I will use some blue colors.

Except for the bird's nest and little blue canister with white
flowers(Mercedes) is made or bought by me.

The famous bench (Sylvia) with famous cushions (Rosanna).
The wall ornament (hanging on the bench) was a special gift
from Jody, some years ago. Used it for some smaller projects
before, but now it will have a final destination in the French House.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Past weeks I worked like a crazy woman
at my French House. I had lack of time,
but plenty of inspiration. Today it's the other
way...plenty time, no inspiration????????
I have actually a day of, to play with my minies
and really no idea what to do next!!!! How
frustrating is that??????????????

Some weeks ago, I went to my fathers cellar
and seized this piece of lead. It was folded en
wrinkled. It took me hours to flatten this with
a hammer. I wanted to use it for the roof.

It cost me much trouble, but eventually I
got some progress.

The roof is far from finished yet, but I like
the looks of the lead.

Because I am in lack of inspiration, I made
some plants for the house some evenings

For the base of the Ivy plant, I used some
real twigs.

Also a smaller one for in a pot.

This bouquet I put together with flowers
and a basket by Sylvia.
Well....I let you know when or if my inspiration
comes back?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lingerie to dry!

I just came back with my family from
a little vacation in our own country.
We wend for a midweek to the Island of Texel.
I am totally relaxed now,lol!

The week before we wend, I have made some

The bra has a real working hook.....