Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I asked for 1 and got 3?

Sometimes ugly ones can be changed
with some help into something beautiful.
Like this bird cage...I cut out a opening and
removed the bird and......

I finished this bird cage some weeks ago but
only wanted to show you when I had that last
item to put in, and make it complete.
What's a bird cage without a nest, so I asked
my dear friend Mercedes to make me one.
Her nests are the cutest and perfect for my cage.

Some old letters, cards and a rose makes
it a perfect still life.

I made this photo accidentelly but it turned
out very nice with the chandelier on the
background. It is hanging in my study.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nunu's House!

Everybody has her own favorite miniaturist,
I think? As there are many of you I admire
deeply, there is one miniaturist I find realy

I follow her for some years now and wanted
to share the link to her side and blog!

I have asked her permission to use some photos
of her blog, to show you a little peak of her skills!

Click here for her website!
Click here for her blog!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Stuff!

I have some new items to show you all!

The thing I most hate to do is ironing, but
I had lot of fun with making this little one.

I used as base a white iron Playmobil toy.
Some black paint and a real metal plate at
the underside and a electrical wire with plug,
makes it look more like the real one!

I also worked on some kits I purchased at

A kit with vintage toy boxes for my
Toy Store!

A sewing kit with all kinds of lovely stuff.
(the buttons I added myself)

A kit with a box to keep the mail in, with
lots of letters and photos.

And this is how it looks when you put all
the items together....I think it will look
nice in the sewing room?

The pincushion I made myself, and the pins
I purchased at the show in Arnhem. They
are so tiny but somehow I succeed to paint the
tops to make them look real.
(Click on the pics to make them bigger)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Delicious Greek Food!

Anthoula from a Miniature Life has realy make
my day!!! She send me all this delicious mini Greek food!

When I opened the parcel, I took a deep breath and hold
it in for a while....I was totaly speechless...WOW!

As many of you do not know, both of my parents
and sister and brother are born in Greece. When I was
a child we went to Greece every summer to see our family.
I have wonderful memories of these hollidays and when I
saw all this food....(I could almost smell it) the memories went
criss cross through my mind.

She made cheesepies and spinachpies just like my mother
makes them and tzatziki....yummie and a delicious dessert
my cousins sold in the bakery!

Thank you so much Anthoula for this wonderful gift and trip
through my memories....I treasure it for always,Xxx!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jojo Madness....and other new things!

As you all know I am gathering miniatures
for the Provence House to be filled! I am
very thrilled about the idea that I will own a
dollshouse and most of the minies I make
these days will go into that little house....

But, even the house has to be build yet (can not
make up my mind about which doors and windows
to be used, ...sorry Sylvia!) I am palying with
some new ideas for an other new project I maybe
can do beside.... a little old fashioned Toy Store!

( And to think, I am already collecting for 3 million
other projects too...but hey there is still room for
one more...LOL!)

So,...I could not help myself making these
little ones! I think it will look very nice in
a jar on the counter...

They are very small as you can see.

Some while ago I also made these sun dried
tomatoes in a jar......

I also made these gas cylinders...one for the
Provence house and the other one will be
used for one of the other 3 million projects I
have in mind?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Easy Cheese!

I am very lazy these days and can not find
the energy to do anything. I also have a
sore throat and have to take some medicine
for it.

This actualy has bring me to the next idea....
why not use the empty tablet strips to make
some fine minies from?

I filled the caps with some air drying clay
and on the top I put a printable of some real

And tada....some delicious cheese, you only
have to open the plastic box to smell it!
The fantastic chair with all the yummie food and
wine was a gift for me from the very talented and
master miniaturist Leo Furtado!
I treasure it for always....

Etsy Shop!

I had some difficulties on my Etsy Shop, but I have solved the problem!

If you click on the foto in my side bar, with Etsy Shop, it has to work now!
Please let me know, if anyone has problems to view my etsy Shop?


Friday, August 6, 2010

Clothes Horse!

I made these little clothes horse!
They look nice in a bathroom,bedroom or kitchen
...well I think you can come up with a nice idea were
to put it...(lol)!
They are available at my Etsy...I have 3 for sale.
You also can describe me by email.....click HIER

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back from France and Birthday gifts!

I just came back from a last minute planned
trip to France for the Summer Hollidays!

Before we left, it was my birthday and Sylvia
has spoiled me rotten!

She is so clever and hand made these wonderful
pieces...of course they will be used in my
Provence house!

Look at this fabric....so many things I can do
with it!

Well, and this is a very tiny perfectly made
thimble on scale! It is so cute....

Sylvia, nogmaals heel erg bedankt voor je
prachtige cadeautjes, je bent echt een super