Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a Winner!

WOW...O.M.G!!! was the first thing I shouted when I opened the package Casey, from has sent me! A while ago she had this wonderful giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners. I could choose from a chair or a bassinet. Well, you can see what my choise was.......

The bassinet is truly a work of art, and so

cute!!!! Well, the secret is of course that Casey

had some help from a little (sometimes)sweet witch named Tessie.

This little lady makes Caseys live sometimes a bit difficult, but with

the bassinet she did a good job!

Did you noticed the little blue rabbit, sitting

in the is so tiny and cute!!!!

As if the bassinet wasn't already enough as

a gift, Casey had some more extras sent me.

A wonderful footstool with a beautiful blue

fabric, that is perfect for the bedroom in the

French house.

And this little basket...beleive me this photo

does not do justice to it.

For now I put the bassinet in the French house,

so I can see it the whole time. Eventually it

will move to an other project I have been working

on day I show it to you?????

Casey and of course Tessie, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!