Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last week Sylvia came to visit me...she told me that
she made me a B-Day present and that she could
not wait till next month to give it to me.

The photo above shows the size of this gift, and I was
just amazed and had no idea of what it was????

This came out...1 BIG FAT GREEK HOUSE!
I was thrilled and just amazed...I huged Sylvia
and was just speechless....?????

Isn't it just a wonderful house!!! As most of you know the
last months I had no inspiration at all, but this house
changed a lot for me!!!

Lieve Sylvia, nogmaals heel erg bedankt, je bent een lieverd
en een schat, dikke kus en knuf van je vriendinnetje,xxx

I have some serious problems with posting, fingers crossed I
succeeded this time. I also wanted to let you know, that it is
no lack of interrest that I don't comment on all your beautiful
blogs, but I just can't leave a message and I have problems with
following new blogs????

Please go and have a look at the previous post to see what
I have done with the house...I had to do it in 2 parts.


I could not wait to start and decorate the house.
This was the best cure to get my inspiration

Most of the miniatures I have collected over
the past years and finaly I have the perfect
house to display them in.

The only new items I made for this house,
are the kitchen table, bed and stove. Many
of the miniatures were gifts from special friends.
Ofcourse Sylvia and Mercedes and the food
on the table was a gift from Anthoula, who
lives in Greece!!!

I will not name all the gifts, because I already
did in older posts....