Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chimney and Rooftop finished!

Between all the other things I had to do, I
somehow managed to finish the chimney.

I also finished the rooftop...think it turned
out well!

The stairway railing is a done thing too!

This site of the house is almost finished...the
only thing that has to be done is the window
from the door of the first floor.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stucco Walls!

Many of you asked about how I made the
stucco walls.
I used Gesso...if you mix it with sand it will
be much more the structure of concrete.
I used dirty water to make the walls look old.
Much of my inspiration I get from Léa Frisoni'
book...... Hope I answered your questions?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More progress and some changes!

First I thank you all for the amazing comments
you left on my last post! It is great to know
you like my new project and that I can inspire
some of you.

I finished my bricked fake windows...

I made a outside tap...
and a garden hose....
The doors have door knobs....
I changed the collor of the door fence....
I made a stairway fence....

I still need to finish the stairway railing...

This side of the wall is almost finished....only
need to work on the chimney. I also worked
at the roof top, but that I show you the next

How I would love to work the whole day at this mini
dream house of my but, I have my kids, husband, household
chorses and a business to run. So I find my spare times
mostley between all these things and at late hours.

Last week I could make some time free to play with my
new house, but the fun is over now....I have to finish two
interior plans for my clients and that is also fun, I can tell

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some progress!

Even though the house is far from finished yet,
I wanted to show you the progress so far.

As I told you, first I will compleet the exterior
of the house, before I will start at the interior.

This is the door that allowes access to the
first floor and living part of the house. The door
needs a doorknob and I like to put a grid for
the window with an ornament. I also will
place a fence for the stairs for some safetey.

The roof above the door is made from wood
and lead.

I have painted the stairs a couple of times
before I was satisfied...I like the outcome
so far.

Is there living a.....mouse?

This is the door allowes access to the kitchen.
With a layer of tacky glue, I made the window
look it! You can see through but not
clear...the curtain I made from a piece of old
lace Mercedes sent me.

To keep out intruders or just for a breath
of fresh air in the kitchen, without everyone
walking in, this iron fence will be very handy.
It is the same door I used in my little kitchen.
I like this very much, also because it reminded me
of Greece where my grandmothers house also had
these in front of every door.

Have you seen there are more houses in this

Also a memorie of my grandmothers house.....
swallow nests.

I could not help myself allready to decorate
a little bit....
The pottery table needs much more stuff, but
somehow I think it will be no problem to fill
it up with bits and pieces.

As you can see the bigger picture, this side
of the house needs still much work. The upper
walls will get some bricked windows. In the earlier
time of this building they placed windows but later
it turned out new residents prevered blind walls.
At the lower part of the wall (near the stairs) there
will be a wall painting. The chimney needs also work,
but that is for the next time....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Dream Is Comming True!

YES, finaly I have my very own first Dolls House!

As the most of you know, I told you My friend
Sylvia was so kind to build me one...isn't that
just amazing!

Some while ago, we made the plans and drawings
for my house and yesterday I went to see Sylvia and
my new house.....well as you can imagine I was just blown
away by looking at it.

The last weeks I stoped making miniatures, because I
wanted to focus me just on this house and I even changed
my working space for it.....because the house is huge I
needed more space to work on it. When the house is finished
I will place it in my living room.

I will start with the outside of the building,
so I can make more plans for the inside in the
meen while...still changing every day.....
I am so thrilled about it...I can really explain
by words..

Here I am again!

Hi everybody!

Even though it is already half January...
I like to wish you all a Happy New Year!
I have celebrated a wonderful Christmas and
also a wonderful New Year!

Still wanted you to show you the wonderful
gifts sent to me by my friends.

Lovely gifts from Sylvia....well I think this
need no comment to understand I love every
bit of it!

I love this chair....look at those wheels!

She also sent me this photo book of here
Shabby is too cute!

As you can see I am spoiled rotten by my friends!
There are actualy even more gifts,from Karin and Sylvia
but I have no pics of them...I could take them...isn't it that
the cupboard were I am saving them can't be
The lock is broken and because it is an
antique one, I have to need an expert to open it,
so there will be no damage.
It has to be opened, because I keep all my miniatures
in can imagine how annoying it is!
Sorry, Karin...maar you cadeautjes zitten dus achter slot
en grendel....heel vervelend, maar zodra ik weer bij mijn
spullen kan laat ik het gauw zien!