Friday, July 24, 2009

Dino Project!

My son Ferdi is almost 14 years old and is not into mini's
at all,haha! But something changed over night? He decided
to make his own summer project...A Dino Museum!

He asked me if I could help him with this project and
as I am his mom I was gladly to help him.
We Googled some inspirational foto's and started to make
a showcase for in the Museum. A box with a glass window
we used,was his own collection box,were he kept all his
treasures in he gadered over the years.
All the treasures will be used in his Museum project.

Here he is cutting egg carton to make a brick wall.

Today we went to a Museum to see some real
stuff for inspiration,Naturalis in Leiden.
This was not our first visit and I know for sure
that it is not the last,haha!

He bought a dig up dino to use in his museum,
he already had one but that is not enough for a

The show case for so far... at the wall he will put a print
off the Deinonychus when he lived.

One of his treasures he found at our last visit to Normandiƫ.
We sent an email to Naturalis if they could tell us more off this
fossil? They sent him this massage......
Beste Ferdi,

Mooie vondst, hoor!

Het is zeker een fossiele zee-egel, zo te zien van het
geslacht Micraster. De zee-egel is hartvormig, en de
vijfstralige lijntjes liggen vrij diep. Het lijkt er op dat
het fossiel is bewaard in vuursteen. De vondst toont
veel gelijkenis met soorten als Micraster breviporus
en Micraster coranguinum.

Vergelijkbare fossielen zijn ongeveer 65 tot 100
miljoen jaar oud (Boven-Krijt).

Zie voor meer informatie:

Met vriendelijke groet,

Alice van Duijn
Natuur Informatie Centrum
The mail is in Dutch and I find it to hard
to translate it ,sorry!
It came out to be a real treasure...WOW!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some New Kitchen Stuff !

This picture I googled was my inspiration
for making some new mini kitchen stuff.

All the mini's together.....
The basket I made with the materials Sylvia
gave to me at her last visit.

The wooden scoop I cut them myself.

Inspired by Josje,I made a salt cellar.
I used only metal to make it....
I'm working on a new project,these are the
mini's I will use for it so far.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kitchen Chaircase!

Some time ago we had a Kladblog meeting,
we did a swap with workshops.

Lisette had made a kit to build a kitchen
chaircase,and the fun part of it is, that it
acctually works.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


As some of you know, Sylvia came to visit me.We had the
most wonderful day and I wanted to share the beautiful
gifts she brought with her!

Yes, I know.....!!!!!!!!
I still can't beleive I own this piece of art!!!

She also made me these wonderful flowers... soon to
be plant at the flowerborder in the little garden.
This beautiful basket came along with the flowers
and has taken his place in the store...
The basket is used to collect the old wood I found
at the beach.
She also brought me a lot of materials to make mini' was
to much...!!!
I had a great time,thank you Sylvia!!!!!