Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun Time With Karin!

At this foto the sticks were not finished yet,they
were to long and they needed some finishing touch.

Last Thusday we had our montly meeting
with Karin,it was so great to see her again.
We talked a lot and had so much fun,Karin
prepared us a delicious was just
perfect. She also prepared a workshop,
how to make a pair of skis!

Thank you Karin for this fantastic day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still trying to improve!



So weird,sometimes you can be so happy with
the results of something you have been doing,
and you think "it really can not be better",but
a few weeks later you think"is this all I could
come up with?" That is exactly what is happening
to the pantry.Now I can see what improvements
can and should be done! First I changed the bakers
rack and now I make look the fence door a little bit
more used.

The next thing I'm going to do is tiling the walls....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Never Satisfied!

There is always something you can change,make
it look better! Like this metal kitchen cabinet/hutch.
(what is it anyway?)

I thought it looked too new and it would
be nicer if I painted it in a different color.
What do you think,better or shall I.......?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lost one boot?

I lost a boot?.....Well, ok I lie a little bit! Today I wanted to try something diferent,something I had never done. I wanted to make some pair of shoes...and beleive me it wasn't easy! Wenn I managed to make some pair of shoes,I thought it was time for some bigger work...a pair of boots!

I tried and tried with leather and rubber for a couple of houres and managed to make exactly one boot! Some day maybe I try to make the other boot....but for now it is lost!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jeux de Boules!

Jeux de Boules is a French ball game...I once looked how
some old men played the game and I liked it very much.
Though we had a set to play,I never did and gave this box
away and now I regret this a little bit....

I thought it would be nice to have a new one and I made a
copy of the one I gave away.... The box is made from wood
and the balls are made from real metal.They are resting in
a foam pad with holes to keep them in place.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If I may dictate Linda Carswell ....

"It's amazing what we have hidden aways in boxes and
forgotten about.....but I guess we are all the same?"

She made a beautiful notice board for her junk/sewing attic
room and reminded me of my plans making a sewing room in
a shabby chique style.... So it was time to find the box hiding
the mini's I already made for this room and forgotten all about it!

Thank you Linda...I know for sure many things will be found!

Visiting Sylvia!

It took me some time but finaly I could go and visit Sylvia!

I can tell you that it was a fantastic day and "wow" her mini's
look great at the pics but in real you can't imagine how more
beautiful they are...she also gave me a copy of the Spanish
magazine were she and Mercedes where published in and I'm
thrilled about it that I have one!

She also made me these wonderful bottles for the
wine cellar....she is the best!!!
We talked and talked and talked and she made me
delicious lunch,ooooh we had such a great time!

Thank you lieve Sylvia!

I want to make something clear....Some time ago
Lisette gave us a kit at the kladblog meeting to make
little cute steps you can fold as the real one.
I posted about it to show it to you and the response was great!
I told Lisette all about it and advised her to sell these steps as a kit.
Before all that, I asked Lisette her permission to make one off these little steps for a dear friend and she approved by that. Unfortunately the postman decided not to deliver it the first
time I made it and it took me some time to make a new one and sent it the second time!
Finaly it is arrived and it made someone very happy and me too,haha!To have no misunderstanding and claer out that I do not streik with the honor of someone elses work these wonderful steps are designed bythe hand of Lisette!
Go over to her blog if you are interessted in buying one of these cute steps!