Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meeting part 2!

I promised to show you the gifts that I got at
the kladblog meeting.
This was the wonderful suprise Sylvia gave to me!
Thank you Sylvia,you are such a darling!

And look who was there at the meeting?

Mercedes,had sent Sylvia presents,that we
had to open on the meeting...such a wonderful

Thank you was as were you with us!

How cute is this...!

Gifts from Lisette and Trui. Beautiful materials
to use for some new to make mini's...?

Keetje,Marie-Louise and Jolande...

Workshops....I promise to show you when I finish them!

It was a beautiful day,never to forget!


  1. Sabiha, I am still trying to figure out what the kits were that you took for everyone to do....Could you please show us? Or did I just miss it?

  2. I truly envy you a bit. I loe workshops but there are not any of them next to me. Can I stamp my feet? but I'm happy that you had so much fun

  3. I think workshops swaps are priceless! What a great great way to share.

  4. Wonderful Swaps Sabiha. Looking forward to seeing all the kits put together.. xx

  5. Hi Sabiha!
    I am glad I could be there, Ha, ha!
    Wonderful gifts everyone gave you!

  6. Hi did not miss it,I never told it,haha! I do not know the right name,but it is an outside furnace.
    I will show how it is made soon!

    Thank you Rosanna,just like casey you can make this workshop,haha!

    Sans,it is priceless and they are all fun to make,thank you!

    Debbie,I started to make some...just when I finish them all,I will show it on my blog.

    Mercedes,you must know we talked a lot about you...and beleive me,it was all good what we had to say,haha!

    Hugs to you all!