Friday, December 24, 2010

Matching boots!

Well the boots match I think???
It was to dark to make a picture of this pair...
because the leather is also dark it makes it
difficult to make a nice detailed photo.


These are the treasures I found in my advent calendar,
the last weeks! They are all so magical and I love every bit
of it!
I wanted to make more pics but my batteries were empty,
and I manage to make one pic! You can click on the photo
to enlarge it.
Thank you again dear

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Matching Bag!

I already had the boots, but could't find a
bag to, I had to make one!
I also made some slippers, the size was a bit
to small, but I think a little boy will fit these

I also made this bag....Ooops, think I have to
make a new pair of boots to match the bag!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A big secret to keep???

I have a big secret to keep.....
Sylvia Beuker , sent me this letter with a secret in it and
she asked me if I could help her...

If you are curious go over to my Dutch blog
and read the letter....
(you do have to translate it first)
Sylvia, makes these wonderful workshops...
my stall market is designed by her!
Nogmaals erg bedankt Sylviaxxx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Mini Today!

The past few weeks, I am terribly spoiled
by my friends.. It is a mini hobby, with so
many great friends!

This wonderful looking cute cup-cake, was sent
to me by Mercedes....I had the perfect bird
to match!

These are some of my most favorite Christmas

Then there was a surprise from Rossana too,
an Angel Garland. Isn't it just fantastic to have all
these decorations of your friends in your home!

And this....! This is torture!!!! This is sitting under the
Christmas tree for some weeks now, and I have to wait
a whole week till Christmas!!! These are from Sylvia and
Mercedes. There are some presents for my daughter (7)
too, but she has more patience than me,lol!
Thank you again, Rossana, Mercedes & Sylviaxxx
More pics of my Christmas House, click here!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10,11,12, 13 & 14!

Well, as you can see I am spoiled rotten!
I can not explain how fun this every day is...

Day 10: Delicious cookies and cookie book...
I'm crazy about mini food!

Day 11: Christmas all of it!

Day 12: A plantholder, I will use it to grow
hanging orchids in.

Day 13: Fantastic antique books.

Day 14: Beautiful wall hanger

Thank you my dear friend, you are the best xxx!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kladblogdag 2010!

Yesterday I joined the Dutch Kladblog
meeting 2010! As last year it was such a
pleasure to see some old friends and meet
some new as well!

We talked a lot about minis and eat yummie
food everybody had prepared, made some
wonderful workshops and changed gifts!

I made these cards with a little Christmas bag!

Hanny made these wonderful little soap is so tiny and so adorable!
I will hang it on the door knob of my
(someday) Long Island Beach House!

Hanny also prepared a workshop Lavender,
it was very simple to make but the outcome
is just actually smell like real

M-tje made us a cute fabric hart with flower print
and a really tiny cute is that!

Sylvia made her famous canister as a nice memory
for this wonderful day!

Jolande brought us a little candle light with a cute
Christmas bear!
She also prepared a workshop of a little fabric Christmas
tree and I managed to finish it before I had to leave for

Petra (she could not come) sent us with her friend
Hanny a Christmas soap set!

Jody made this little cute Christmas hart
tree decoration....when I came home I
immediately hang it in my mini tree.
Can you see that little knitted duck?
That was a gift from Nella...her Nella dolls
are very famous in Holland!
I also bought one of her dolls, it is a little
Christmas boy!

Paula made a wonderful Christmas wall
decoration...I think it will be wonderful as part
of a Scandinavian Christmas year!
And finaly a photo of the group!
Ladies...thanx for the wonderful day and
I see you next year, xxxxx!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome Mr.Snowman!

As I told you...I needed a Snowman to watch
over the Christmas stall. There was enough
snow to make one, so some nice kids made
me one handsome Snowman.

I told them they could use the hat I didn't sold
the last time....for the nose I picked a carrot from
my garden and for the mouth, eyes and buttons
de kids used some real rocks!

Then he needed a scarf so, I pulled out one of mine
own scarf and the kids added a pair of arms to
complete Mr. Snowman.

I love my Mr.Snowman......

Thursday, December 9, 2010

6,7,8,9 and new boots!

Every morning we are having a little dance
in our home for opening a new advent
surprise! My daughter opens her Chocolate
treet and I, well just see for yourself....

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

As you can see everything is so beautiful and
I love every bit of it!


Yesterday I have spent some time making a dear friend
(living in a country were shoes are just the bomb) a present!

I even amazed myself with the result and had to make some
more....for myself too!

I think I try more models, but first I have to find better
glue (if you enlarge the pics, you still can see some
glue rests...grrrr!)

The boots are made of very thin leather and have
a rubber sole!

These are my favorites, I simply love them!!!

Now I have some boots to choose from to
wear under my Duffel coat (made by Lissette)
and my scarf and hat (made by Sylvia)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sold out on the Antique Market Stall!

Can you remember the little antique market
stall I have made some while ago? (klik on the
photo to go to the post)

Well, a nice French Lady came to the stall and
she bought everything there was for sale...she said
she needed it to fill her Provence House?
I was sold out in one hour.....????

I needed new stuff for sale, so I thought it would
be perfect for a Christmas Stall!!!

The only thing I miss is a Snowman...but I'm working on
that one????

The market stall is exhibited at the school of my daughter
until Christmas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where did the eggs go?

The eggs were stolen I think so it was time
to do something else with this eggs box.

In the calendar Mercedes made me, I found
these little cute plates and books of Cath Kidsten...
I thought it would be a shame to put it in a
box, waiting to be used in one of the million
projects I have in mind... So I made this little
shabby roombox to go with the plates.
Now I have a place to put those lovely shabby
minis in!!!!

The plates rack and the side table were made
by me, but most of the things were gifts, from
Mercedes, Sylvia and Eva.

It was a bit to dark to take the photos, but
I simply could not wait to share it with you!