Friday, December 16, 2011

Hi Friends!

Dear friends,

I have to say sorry for my long absence the last year...
but 1:1 live demands other things from me.

Still I like to thank you for all the sweet comments and
wonderful friendships:)

I want to thank my special miniature friends, for being
just a friend and not expecting anything in return.

I want to thank everybody who sent and made me
the most wonderful miniatures, which I always will treassure!

Thank you and I wish all of you a wonderful 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A suitcase and more bed room:)))))

As I told you I attended a workshop by Wim van Soest.
Wim is a fantastic man, and a very good teacher and explains
everything clearly. He is an amazing artist and makes the most
wonderful, working miniatures! He has no website,sorry?
Stineke Faber organisez these meetings in her little shop.
Please go over to her site if you like 
She was a wonderful hostess the whole day, and she take good care
of us. 

This is the suitcase I have made, I wanted to show you more 
detailed pictures, but my old camera died just a couple of minutes ago.
I'm very proud of my suitcase and I exactly know, in what
scene I will use it...but that is an other project I have in mind.

First I planning to finish my French house before I start a new one:))))
So, I show you pictures I had in stock of the bed room. 
Don't mind the floor, that is the last thing to do in this room, but
still did not figured out what kind of floor it will be?

The ceiling is also finished in this the bath room I
did the same with the you an other time:)
I also made sheets and cushions for the bed. Of course it
needs a blanked and perhaps more cushions but that
I'll fix later:)))

I also add a canopy with padded blue silk fabric over the bed, 
to make it look more romantic.

Last week I had some free time (just like today:)))
to work on my miniatures..having so much fun!!!

But because I don't know how long it will last, I'm working like
a crazy woman,;)))) I finished some more things
in the French house and I realy like to show it to you, but
I have to wait for a new camera???

Soon I promise xxxxxx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And the lucky winner is...number 18!

I asked my daughter to pick a nummer between 1 and 60
and she said 18.

I count down to the 18th person how commented and that was
Drora'of minimundo from Israƫl!

So congratulations Drora....comme and collect your price!!!!

Thank you all  my sweet followers, for always wright me
the sweetest comments....before Christmas there will
be an other hopefully you wil be a winner the next time?

And the winner!!!

Today I had a wonderful day...I followed a workshop from Wim van Soest,
but more about that tomorrow. The day was just perfect, and when I
came home, there was an other surprise waiting for me.

My give-away I won by Flora, by casa delle Bamboli
arrived by mail........

 This beautiful frame with tiny sea shells was the give-away I won.
Absolutely adorable...too cute I think :))))))

 But a second surprise was this extra gift?
Wow, isn't it amazing!!!! 
This carpet is just fantastic...the colors and style are
just perfect for the French house, and will be just the
right piece for the floor in the living room.

Of course I had to play with my new gifts and the
frame has this perfect place in the bed room of the Greek house.


P.S. Tomorrow I let you know the winner of my still
can register till midnight.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yes, floor,walls.... done!

I can't beleive it myself, but I finished the bathroom?
Well, I finished the floor etc. and did some little decoration too.
That is the most fun part for me, decorating!!!

I still miss the bath, shower and wash stand and
lots of other stuff to fill the bathroom, but for now I'm happy:)))
The treat of having a room finished  is, that you can
open all your little boxes, and get all the little treasures out to give
them a place....treasures from dear friends and purchased goods,
made by talented miniaturists.

The quality of the photographes are not that good, but I hope you 
enjoy them as well?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Time??????

Yesterday I had a busy day, my calendar was full of appointments and other things to do!
Then suddenly the unexpected happened, two appointments were canceled and I had some free time!!!!

I felt a kind of panic and wanted to devote my time to good use....
so what to do???????

I decided to work on my French House, but the first two hours, nothing came
out of my hands. Where to sart or begin?
After waisting two precious hours...I started with the whittening of all ceilings,
useful job if have nothing better to do......

After that I started with some progress in the bathroom. I already made some molds
of stone for the walls, but never had time to confirm them. So next job was done...
Than I made a frame to devide the bathroom from the coridor, it needs some glass
but there is a begin. It is unbeleivable but my progress goes in the right direction!!!

To top the heat level , I also made a begin for the floor tiles...should not get
any crazier:)))))))))))))))))

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Though I know you like to see more miniatures from my hand, I have to tell
you that I'm still not into the miniatures. There are so many other things to need
to be care off in real live that I simply decided to work on my projects around
Christmas time I think????
A couple of weeks ago I did make a mattress for the bed....
I know it needs sheets etc, but for now it will stay this way.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gift from Jollie!

Perfect little Greek house...

 Last weer I received a wonderful surprise by mail!
It was a package from my dear frien Jollie, who lives in

She sent me some nice goodies,which perfectly match in my
Greek house that I received from Sylvia as a BD present!
 Prayer chain (don't know if it is called like that?)
 Some protection on the door for the evil eye.
And a recipe for some delicious Mousakka!

Nogmaal bedankt Jollie voor je lieve verrassing en mooie cadeautjes,xxx

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Give Away Update!

Dear friends,

In my previous post I announced a give away, but there is some misunderstanding about it!
It is not clear to me who wants to participate on the miniature give away and who on the cookie cutter give away?

I have two give aways, one (here) on my miniature blog and one on my Lifestyle Interiors blog.
If you like to partcipate on the miniature give away, leave a comment on this post on this blog, but if you like to participate on the cookie cutters give away you have to comment on the post at my Lifestyle Interiors post and be a follower on that blog too! Hope I made myself clear to prevent misunderstandings?

The miniature give away will be a lingerie set, customized in color!
I will announce the winner on 27th September!

If you like to participate on the cookie cutter give away go over to my LifeStyle Interiors
blog and become a follower and leave a comment on that post! Only than you
will have a chance to win the cookie cutter give away!

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and the trouble I may have caused!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Give Away

Hi dear friends,

I prommissed you a give away and I can tell you I'm working on it this instance.
As soon as I finish it, I will tell, so you can join my give away miniature surprise?

I have also a give away on my LifeStyle Interiors blog, so if you like to particcipate
on that give away too, go over to my blog and be a follower and leave me a comment
at the post on my lifestyle blog please! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Book from my best mini friend!

 Yesterday I had my late 40 party...I had a High Tea Party, only for Ladies!
If you like to see what I have baked for all the ladies, come over to:

I'm spoiled rotten, but there was a very special gift from Sylvia!

At first I didn't wanted to unwrap it, because it was allready beautiful this way!

Sylvia made a book for me, with all her little mini projects in it...
it is so beautiful !
If you like to see it online, click here.

Sylvia, nog maals bedankt, ook al ben ik je mini vriendinnetje mijn
vriendschap is heel groot :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TV Performance!

This time no miniatures, but the thing in 1:1 scale!

20 August I had my first tv performance on the Dutch sender TV Rijnmond.
It is a lifestyle programme named WEG, with a summer special about and for students.

My challenge was: Decorate 2 rooms for girl and boy student with furniture
from a recycle shop (second hand shop) .

If you're wondering how I did the challenge click on the photo to go to my Lifestyle blog
and watch the you tube broadcasting.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Thank you all again for your support and comments!
Though I'm very happy to have my old blog back, 
I also have some old problems back....grrrrr!

Placing a comment on some of yourblogs
 is one of them......sometimes I get tiered 
of Blogger!!! But the knowing that my friends
are waiting for me, keeps me going on!

I really have not much new to show, so I 
thought maybe you like to see my workspace?
I need to change it, but for now it stays like this.

I only made some changes at the Creek house, added a Oakre line,
just like the house of my grandmothers in Creece!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm back!!!!!


Thank you all for your support and help to start a new blog, and as you all will
understand I think I will go on with the old one...this one!!!

To thank you all I will make a give-away and allot between all my followers!
Give me some time....soon I will show the give-away???


Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last week Sylvia came to visit me...she told me that
she made me a B-Day present and that she could
not wait till next month to give it to me.

The photo above shows the size of this gift, and I was
just amazed and had no idea of what it was????

This came out...1 BIG FAT GREEK HOUSE!
I was thrilled and just amazed...I huged Sylvia
and was just speechless....?????

Isn't it just a wonderful house!!! As most of you know the
last months I had no inspiration at all, but this house
changed a lot for me!!!

Lieve Sylvia, nogmaals heel erg bedankt, je bent een lieverd
en een schat, dikke kus en knuf van je vriendinnetje,xxx

I have some serious problems with posting, fingers crossed I
succeeded this time. I also wanted to let you know, that it is
no lack of interrest that I don't comment on all your beautiful
blogs, but I just can't leave a message and I have problems with
following new blogs????

Please go and have a look at the previous post to see what
I have done with the house...I had to do it in 2 parts.