Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas in the air?

After I did my household chorse today (and beleive
me,there were many) I thought I deserved some
time too for my hobby.

Because I really got into the Christmas mood,....
but I thought it would be too early to decorate
my house, I started to work on some mini decoration.

First I pimped my Christmas tree. I decorated it
last year, but it could use much more decorations.
I chose the Victorian style for the tree..some day
it will be part of a project I have in mind for a long
time. In an other post I will tell you all about it!

After I was finished for so far with the tree
I decided to make more in
the style I would use in my own house.

Loads of white and silver..... Some decorations
I made years ago, like the snowmen wreath.
Today, I made some pendants to match. Don't
forget to click on the pic to enlarge!

Snowmen pendants.....

To make the metal wreath I was inspired by
Susanna. I used holly leafs.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Advent Calendar!

As promised, I'd show you what I'm been
doing lately.

Mercedes asked me a while ago, if I would like
to do an advent calandar swap with her and of
course I immediately said,YES!

We also wanted to surprise Sylvia and agreed
to make her one too! Mercedes sent her part of
the gifts and I made a guirlande for both of them.

This week I received my calendar from Mercedes,
and Oooh it's such a feast...can't hardly wait till it
is the 1th of December.

As I like to decorate my home at Christmas
time with whites and silver, the calendar is just
perfect! I hung it in front of my mirror in the
living room.

This is the calendar I have made for Mercedes and Sylvia.
On Sylvia's blog you can see how long it actually is. It was
fun making it, but much more fun for them to open the bags
for 26 days! (we added some extra,LOL)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Despite the fact I'm still very busy with my
1:1 life, I've managed to make heaps of new

The mini's I've made are not for myself, but for 2
dear friends. I can not give away to much, because
it will ruin the surprise. Soon I will tell you all about it!?!

Last week Karin came to visit me and we had so
much fun...there were also presents for me!

Look at all these Christmas goodies....can't
wait till it's Christmas!

I also got some nice mail from Sylvia....she
made me this wonderful patch work (knitted)
blanket. I will use it in a new project (again),
later I will tell you all about it!
If all goes well, the comming time I will have
more time for my mini hobby. I hope to post
more often en visit your wonderful blog's more
often too. I'm sorry that I recently fail at commenting
on your blog's and I hope I did not disappoint any
of you???

Friday, November 5, 2010

She is amazing!

As some of you know Sylvia is my dearest friend,
and she always surprises me with the most fantastic
mini gifts!!!!!

Look what she sent me, a basket filled
with wool and knitting needles...isn't that cute?
She also sent me all kinds of pieces fabric, I will
use them to fill a cupboard in my Provence house.

But there was much more, she knitted me a
hat and scarf....WAUW! Sylvia realy amaze
me everytime, she is so clever and can make
anything she puts in her mind!

And how nice does it look, with the duffle
coat Lissette made me!!!!

It is just so adorable!