Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long Time No See!

Hello all!

It's been a long time ago since I've posted on my blog.
There are some reasons but I'm not going to bother you
with a long boring story!

Anyway, there are still great things I need to show you all.
I am terribly spoiled at Christmas time. Some very sweet people
have make me very happy! It is outrageous of me that I have
waited till now to show you some pictures of these beautifull
gifts but In Holland they say: " Better late than never!"

The first gift I got was the Christmas swap from the
very talented Kim!

She has painted this beautiful box herself, I really love
the colors.The box was already a gift in itself, but in it
some wonderfull treasures were hidden.Two very sweet
Christmas trees and five of the most cutest Christmas
stockings that I've ever seen . They are embroidered,
really beautiful!

Thank you so much again Kim for this gift and Rosanna,
thank you for making this happen,X!

The next gift I received from sweet Mercedes!

She manages every time to make me so happy
with her beautiful surprises!She is the best friend
you can imagine, and not just for the gifts! She's just
a very sweet person with her heart in the right place.
I think it is needless to say that everything she makes
is so beautiful and that I treasure it for life.

There were also very nice gifts for Ilayda made by Mercedes
and send to her by Liberty.
These things have got a place in her bedroom and if you are
curious?......... click here!

Then there was another huge surprise send by Sylvia!

She asked me if I wanted to work together on a roombox
for Mercedes, we would send her for Christmas and her bithday.
Of course I wanted to participate, and especially thanks to Sylvia
it has become a wonderful piece of art.I really was in love
with this roombox,because it was so beautiful!

I'd never dared dreaming that she also secretly had made one
for me! You will understand that I was completely overwhelmed
by this great gift! Words came short and I only could create some
strange noises with my mouth.

Needless to say that the pictures do not do justice to how
beautiful it really is.I look at it every day and can not get enough
of it!

Lieve Sylvia, iemand schreef:

"niemand is zo rijk als hij die vrienden heeft"
toen ik dit las wist ik
"die had een vriend zoals jij"