Monday, July 22, 2013

BD present

Last Saturday it was my BD and one of my dear friends, had this amazing 1:12 BD gift!

My friend is a very tallented camerist and will teach me to handle a camera with some lessons photography!

Can I use this antique camera?


Yes, I has been a while since my last post! 
The reason is that we are working on our 1:1 house and 
I also was very busy with my work.

Because my workroom is a storage room voor boxes 
with stuff, the last months I don't have a place to work.

Some while ago, I had some sweet mini friends over for visit:)
We had a great time and we talked a lot! 

They also had some suprises for me;)

Beautiful leather shoes a cushion and the perfect
carpet-beater from Ineke. Her work is into perfection
and I'm over the moon with these little treasures!

This drying rack was a gift from Sylvia's brother Remco.
He is no 1:12 scale miniaturist, but took the effort to make
this wonderful piece of miniature!

This very handy and handcrafted note book was a gift 
from Margriet...can tell you that it came in handy with 
all the renovations in my home and it is for good use!

This amazing fire extinguisher was a gift from Sylvia,
to keep the miniature people save:)

Thank you dear friends:))))