Thursday, March 10, 2011

Round Table!

Yesterday I made a round table with a
white table cover. It is the size of a little
dining table so I can put a lot of stuff on it
with decorating purpose.

Little books were also a gift from Mercedes.
The advent calendar swap was a trick to fill
my house,lol!

The table will have a place between the
windows in the livingroom. Close your eyes
and imagine it with finished floor,walls and

This table....well this time it is made by me.
I don't have to tell you I got the inspiration from
Mercedes her famous shabby tables.
The whole table is made from metal and it will be
used in the bathroom.


  1. Sab, the shell soap dish is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Moooooiiii!!! :)
    Ik ben het helemaal met Rosanna eens en vind het een heel leuk idee die schelp met de zeep erin, erg mooie inspiratie weer!
    Ik zou zoiets ook graag eens willen maken, als je dat goed vind?

    Ik kan me het goed voorstellen in je huis met het behang en vloeren erin, het wordt super gaaf!

    Liefs Jollie

  3. inspiration again¡¡¡¡I need start my house. Love this table

  4. Ooooh dat kleine tafeltje is schattig!!! En wat een leuk idee om schelpjes te gebruiken voor een schaaltje.

  5. Fantastic photos of your table displaying a beautiful collection of lovely items... Love the style!

  6. Your decorator table is out of this world beautiful. So very striking!

  7. Dear Sabiha, Fun to catch up with what you and other mini bloggers have been doing. Excellent job on the shabby table. I have returned to Vancouver at last as we have been travelling in Australia for the past five months.
    I cannot wait to unpack minis once again ..... but maybe we will start renovating our new-to-us cottage and have to pack everything away again!
    regards Janine minworks

  8. Close your eyes and imagine... with your talent it is incredible gorgeous but for me... another story... I am not good with colors and my poor house (cottage) has to be done. But Sabiha thanks you so much to share all these with us it is like from Sylvia it is a really a big pleasure to follow you... until where I have no clue (because it will not be the alone project)... so you both are talented... think about an exhibition:))) Doei, Claude

  9. It's a lovely way to display all your little treasures and will fit very well into your new property.

  10. It´s lovely. I like very much

  11. If I close my eyes I can just about see it...The decorated table looks so very pretty! And the small table as well. Is it made with a 'flippo'? I found a whole bunch of them when cleaning out the study the other day.

  12. Well thank free time is over for now...had some days and did not know what to do with it,lol! I keep on working with the little things...that is for me the most fun thing!

    Janine, welcome back and moving again...hope you will have a wonderful time in your new cottage! Love your blog and all the things you do.

    Claude, thank you and your liitle cottage looks already beautiful, I know for sure everything will turn out beautiful.Ehibition...funny I talked about it with Sylvia next day...who knows,lol!

    Josje, het is idd een flippo achtig ding en gevonden tussen de spullen van de kids.
    Het is wel een metalen en ze zijn ook iets groter, perfect voor een klein tafelblad of als zitting voor een ik ook nog proberen?


  13. I love seeing the progress in your house.

  14. All beautiful, I can well imagine how it will be over your house: a magnificence!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  15. Lovely work, Sabiha! You have a keen sense of style!

    Pamela ~

  16. bellisima en Andalucía España se les llama mesas de camilla se usan en invierno sobretodo con un brasero - calentador - radiador. y toda la familia se reúne a su alrededor.
    un abrazo

    beautiful in Andalucía Spain are called stretcher tables used in a brazier above winter - warmer - radiator. and the whole family gathers around her.
    a hug

  17. Ooooooh! I can imagine how it will look! It already looks spectacular!