Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just palying!

Because I do not have enough materials to start with the
floors and ceilings, I tought I could just use my time for
some thinking and playing.

The next photo shows, the colors and furniture I will
use for the living room. The bench in the middle is one
I have in my possession for years now and has had several
times a different color.

The orchid is made by Carla Zandvliet and is from silk...
I also have some tiny butterflies she made! She has no site
or blog, she only sells her stuff at fairs. I put this beautiful
plant in a vase Mercedes made me. The little cushions with
the birdcage print and candle holder and two ornaments are
also a gift from her. The chair with webbing and wheels is too.
The wall ornament (on the chair)was a gift from Karin.

The other chair is a gift from Sylvia, she made it some years
ago for me. The cushion is also made by her...isn't it beautiful?

I am so excited about the thought of finaly using all these
wonderful gifts from my friends!

The next two photos show the furniture I will use for
the bedroom. In this room I will use some blue colors.

Except for the bird's nest and little blue canister with white
flowers(Mercedes) is made or bought by me.

The famous bench (Sylvia) with famous cushions (Rosanna).
The wall ornament (hanging on the bench) was a special gift
from Jody, some years ago. Used it for some smaller projects
before, but now it will have a final destination in the French House.


  1. OHHHHHHHHH¡¡¡ Es todo una preciosidad¡¡¡Los muebles una maravilla y todos los detalles, son realmente bonitos¡¡¡ Felicidades

  2. It all looks so very interesting and I can almost see the house coming to life. Playing is very important! I'm playing at the moment too.

  3. Wat een prachtige spullen heb je al om in je huis te zetten. Het heeft zo'n warme sfeer allemaal.

    groet Heleni

  4. het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit,ik vind het altijd leuk als je weer iets nieuws te bekijken hebt,ga zo door haha
    groetjes adrie

  5. felicidades, me encanta el resultado !!!!

  6. ¡Absolutamente todo es precioso!!!
    Y si que aprovechas bien el tiempo ( ;
    Un besito

  7. Voy siguiendo el proceso de su casa y si me gustaba mucho el exterior, los muebles con la que va a decorarla son fabulosos. Un saludo, Eva

  8. Oh gosh, take my breath away!!! I want to shrink and move in!

  9. I love what you show us. The decoration inside the dollhouse will be beautiful, I like the style you choose for it.

  10. Let's face it: This is the most exciting ...
    I was sure that the style would be this: elegant, romantic and simple ...
    Simply Wonderful :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  11. So many wonderful things to put in your house!!!

  12. Wow, Sabiha you have so many beautiful decorations for your house! The pillow with your name is precious. It's such a thoughtful detail. =)

  13. So many lovely pieces, this house is going to be fabulous.

  14. Gives us a little peek to the future and how wonderful the house will be... but the most wonderful thing for you must be to use so many outstanding miniatures that were gifts from dear friends - makes it very special.


  15. Thank you for giving us a sneak preview! Your house is sure to be Absolutely Lovely with all these Treasures as a starting point! I can't wait to see what else you will do... but take your time.... sometimes it feels like we need to rush, but then something is missing.... if we wait it will come!

  16. Ik kan me voorstellen dat je niet kan wachten tot je kan gaan inrichten met al die prachtige spulletjes :) Mooie kleuren zijn het die je hebt uitgezocht voor de kamers, past echt perfect bij je huis ;)
    Ben zooooo benieuwd hoe het er straks uit ziet als het in de kamertjes staat!!

    Liefs, Jollie

  17. Your house is going to look so beautiful Sab!
    I can see you are having a lot of fun playing with things!

  18. I jusst love everything you have for your house! Can't wait to see it all come together:)

  19. Volgens mij wordt je huis echt geweldig als het klaar is. De dingen die je nu al bij elkaar hebt gezet vind ik erg sfeervol... ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat.