Friday, March 25, 2011


Dear miniature friends,

I want to introduce you to an other miniature friend....
some of you allready know her, but for who does not
I think she must be known by you.

Marie-Laure from Recreation Miniature (click on her blog name)
makes the most beautiful furniture you must see.

She is not only good in making furniture she is also
good in making miniature scenes. She works on some
wonderful projects.

I invite you to go and see her blog and follow her work.
I do love her work very much, thats for sure!

Tomorrow I will go to the Arnhem show with Sylvia.
Though I am having a bad cold and layed in my bed
almost the whole day....I am very excited to go to the show.

Hope I will feel much better tomorrow????


  1. Veel plezier morgen Sabiha. Ik hoop dat je je wat beter voelt dan!

  2. Get well soon, Sabiha! You can't miss the show.

  3. What a wonderful piece of furniture!
    Have a good night's sleep so that you can enjoy the fair at the weekend. Then come home and crash out!!
    Have fun.

  4. Dear Sab,
    Surely tomorrow you'll be better: to heal, there's nothing better than a good night's sleep on the eve of an exciting day!
    I know the Marie Laure job, I consider it unique :-)
    Have fun at the fair, even for me :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  5. Feel better Sabiha!

    Thank you for the link to this talented woman - her furniture is wonderful!


  6. Dank je wel voor de link van dit prachtige blog! Ik ga haar zeker volgen ;)
    Veel plezier morgen in Arnhem met Sylvia! :) en ik hoop dat je je dan weer beter voelt... :( Heel veel beterschap!!!

    Liefs, Jollie

  7. Hope you get better and have a good time at the show. Thanks for the link your right the furniture is stunning.

  8. OMG I am envious!!! just a tiny bit. Have a lot of fun, hugs, Rosanna

  9. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow! But GO TO THE SHOW ANYWAY!!! It will help you feel better!
    Thank you for the link.... her furniture looks fabulous!

  10. Thank you for sharing the link. Marie-Laure's work is beautiful and unique! I hope you feel better. Shows always make me feel better :)

  11. heel veel beterschap!!!
    en wat maakt die mevrouw mooie dingen hé???zo mooi....

    heel veel plezier in Arnhem!!
    groetjes manuela