Monday, March 7, 2011


Past weeks I worked like a crazy woman
at my French House. I had lack of time,
but plenty of inspiration. Today it's the other
way...plenty time, no inspiration????????
I have actually a day of, to play with my minies
and really no idea what to do next!!!! How
frustrating is that??????????????

Some weeks ago, I went to my fathers cellar
and seized this piece of lead. It was folded en
wrinkled. It took me hours to flatten this with
a hammer. I wanted to use it for the roof.

It cost me much trouble, but eventually I
got some progress.

The roof is far from finished yet, but I like
the looks of the lead.

Because I am in lack of inspiration, I made
some plants for the house some evenings

For the base of the Ivy plant, I used some
real twigs.

Also a smaller one for in a pot.

This bouquet I put together with flowers
and a basket by Sylvia.
Well....I let you know when or if my inspiration
comes back?


  1. Admire your work! Tough job that roof.

  2. Of course it will ! have a nice day. Hugs Rosanna

  3. I LOVE the roof, How resourceful! Looks amazing on your house!
    And love the ivy! Plants always make everything come alive:)

  4. I know all about the "lack of inspiration" thing but you've certainly managed to make good use of your time! The lead looks great and I love the way you've created the balcony - very imaginative use of the railings.

  5. Love this house, it is an inspiration for my last house I am still working in that. Congratulations, your work is amazing

  6. You are such an inspiration to me!

  7. You're really good at hiding that lack of inspiration by coming out with an amount of beautiful and inspiring (!) things... ;O)


  8. Soon your inspiration will be back, I promise you! I relly like your french house and you made a great job to the roof!
    I also admire your plants!


  9. I am sure inspiration will come back soon, don't worry.
    I love your new additions, the ivy with the stairs is fantastic and looks very real.

  10. Wonderful things you have made, you certainly make nice things without inspiration!
    Love, Susanne

  11. YOu've been working so hard and so fast! You need a day off! Relax. The ideas will soon start flowing again, I'm sure!

  12. Nou,je klimop is fantastisch!
    En de rest komt wel weer, je zit gewoon een beetje tegen een groot leeg huis aan te hikken.
    Wat ben ik blij dat ik die fase al gehad heb hi, hi

    XX Syl

  13. What a great find the lead was. I have been using lead for my roof and it looks far too new and pristine. Now I know that I have to bash it and crumple it.....why do I never think of the simple solution until I am shown it!
    The house is coming along so beautifully, a short break is sometimes a good thing as it allows you to sit back and think. I am sure you will find something marvellous to do soon.

  14. Sometimes, after a period of great creative ferment, is normal to feel a little empty ...
    Just do not fall!
    Your home is more beautiful, every detail is fabulous!
    We will see what will you do the roof :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, Flora

  15. Volgens mij heeft iedereen dat wel hoor Sabiha, bij mij is het vaak een stilte voor de storm zoals ik het dan noem (en meestal de week voordat het weer nieuwe maan is!) daarna komt er ineens een vloedgolf van inspiratie over me heen die dan duurt tot volle maan en dan afzwakt tot ik dus de week voor nieuwe maan moe en uitgeput en vooral inspiratieloos ben (wie was er nou een raar mens hé? ;) lol!)

    Ik vind het dak prachtig!! Wat een goed idee van je om dat lood te gebruiken, hopelijk wordt ie nu niet topzwaar (grapje)!
    De plantjes zijn echt zoooo lief!!! vooral de klimop langs de trapleuning vind ik erg mooi gemaakt met die echte takjes als basis.
    Voor mij ben je nog steeds een bron van inspiratie hoor! ;)

    Liefs, Jollie

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