Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last week Sylvia came to visit me...she told me that
she made me a B-Day present and that she could
not wait till next month to give it to me.

The photo above shows the size of this gift, and I was
just amazed and had no idea of what it was????

This came out...1 BIG FAT GREEK HOUSE!
I was thrilled and just amazed...I huged Sylvia
and was just speechless....?????

Isn't it just a wonderful house!!! As most of you know the
last months I had no inspiration at all, but this house
changed a lot for me!!!

Lieve Sylvia, nogmaals heel erg bedankt, je bent een lieverd
en een schat, dikke kus en knuf van je vriendinnetje,xxx

I have some serious problems with posting, fingers crossed I
succeeded this time. I also wanted to let you know, that it is
no lack of interrest that I don't comment on all your beautiful
blogs, but I just can't leave a message and I have problems with
following new blogs????

Please go and have a look at the previous post to see what
I have done with the house...I had to do it in 2 parts.


  1. Ze hebben ons vast horen mopperen, maar het is gelukt!!!

  2. va teniendo un aspecto estupendo!

  3. ¡Que regalo más fantástico! Me encanta la casa, el color azul de puertas y ventana, la escalera, TODO. Felicidades a las dos, a tí por el regalo y a Sylvia por esa maravilla de casa.

    Ah, yo también tengo mil problemas con mi blog. Creo que voy a tener que cerrarlo y abrir otro :-(

  4. Sabs, the Greek House is wonderful! I can't wait to see what you do with this one!

  5. Gaaf he Sab!! Ik wist het stiekum al en had foto's van de bouw gezien hi hi!! ;)
    Heel veel plezier ermee meid! Ik vind het fijn om te horen dat je nu weer meer inspiratie krijgt door Syl haar geweldige kado! :)

    Liefs Jollie
    p.s. ik heb ook continu problemen met blogger! En ik hoor het vaker van bloggers hier dat het een probleem is iedere keer! :(

  6. It's a wonderful gift to receive and I'll be following with great interest as to what you do with the interior.

  7. Such a beautiful house, Sabiha. I'm so happy for you.

  8. The house is adorable! Lucky you :) I'm very interested to see how will you decorate it...

  9. Wow what a lovely gift, you are very lucky, cant wait to see what you do with your greek house.

  10. Love the house! Sometimes it is easier to leave messages as anonymous then leave your name in the body of the message. You can skip several steps that way. Cheers CM

  11. Wow, the Greek house is lovely! Congratulations! I think Sylvia seems to be an amazing friend!She is so talent!

  12. Thank you all friends for your comments...Sylvia is a great friend and I am very happy to know her:-))))

    I think, I have solved most of my blogging problems?

  13. What a wonbderfull gift! Lucky you. I cannot wait what you do next, how you decorate it.
    Hugs Kati

  14. What an incredible gift! It's beautiful!

  15. Dear Sab, I'm not a jealous person but certainly, when I see these kinds of gifts, I reflect on the reasons why my friends to give me FOREVER, for my birthday, kitchen pot holders ...
    Certainly, this fabulous home is a cure shock to the chronic lack of inspiration :-)
    If you want, tells Sylvia that my birthday is February 24 ...
    Mini lovely hugs and, of cours, happy birthday