Thursday, August 25, 2011

TV Performance!

This time no miniatures, but the thing in 1:1 scale!

20 August I had my first tv performance on the Dutch sender TV Rijnmond.
It is a lifestyle programme named WEG, with a summer special about and for students.

My challenge was: Decorate 2 rooms for girl and boy student with furniture
from a recycle shop (second hand shop) .

If you're wondering how I did the challenge click on the photo to go to my Lifestyle blog
and watch the you tube broadcasting.


  1. Your job is happiness to the nth degree!
    You make the real life that all we just deal with the furniture of the dolls :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. Thank you Flora and that is also the reason that I have no time for miniatures at the moment:(
    But I love the both as much!!!


  3. Oh Sab wat gaaf zeg!!
    Leuk om je eens te zien ook hi hi, en zo knap gedaan met dat budget, wat een leuke uitdaging was dat :-) ik vond het prachtig!!

    Liefs Jollie

  4. what leuk , Sabiha om je in het echt even te zien , op zon moment miss ik de nederlandse gezelligheid en humour wel heel erg , ze weten hier niet echt wat gezelligheid is en de humour is completely anders , je moet als nederlander hier heel erg oppassen dat je niet op iemands tenen trapt, heerlijk om weer even frisse nederlanders te zien , loved the show , and what an awesome job you did .
    love from Frederica

  5. How cool! You have a great audience for your work, large or small! CM

  6. Funny to see myself on tv...thank you for your comments!