Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Thank you all again for your support and comments!
Though I'm very happy to have my old blog back, 
I also have some old problems back....grrrrr!

Placing a comment on some of yourblogs
 is one of them......sometimes I get tiered 
of Blogger!!! But the knowing that my friends
are waiting for me, keeps me going on!

I really have not much new to show, so I 
thought maybe you like to see my workspace?
I need to change it, but for now it stays like this.

I only made some changes at the Creek house, added a Oakre line,
just like the house of my grandmothers in Creece!


  1. Ahhh, I love your workspace! The wardrobe and your desk are gorgeous! My stuff is spread all over my whole living room.....
    I haven't seen your Creek House yet and so I don't know, what you've changed, but I like what I see =)
    Hugs, Pia

  2. It's good to see you back with your original blog - it would have been such a shame to lose all those wonderful pictures.

    I envy you your workspace - I've got two cupboards under my properties and that's it!

  3. @Lami,If you go to my older post, you will see the Greek house...have fun!

    @Irene,it looks more than it is...:)))


  4. So happy that you found your blog! Love your workspace. The chandelier is amazing!

  5. Sab, it's so nice and romy. I only have my kitchen table and a small shelf... I want my own room !!! however small :o( I am very happy that you are again on Blogger. Rosanna

  6. Hi Sab, I liked to know your workspace. I'm your fan. :D

  7. Muy bien todo en su sitio y muy bien colocado, una lampara preciosa.Un lugar muy acogedor. Blogger esta terrible.Besos desde España.MªLuisa

  8. Un lugar de trabajo muy agradable. ¡Cómo me gusta esa casita!

  9. Dear Sab. I'm so very happy for you that your old blog is back! I love your sense of style. For instance, the fantastic chandelier side by side with the basket, the armoire, and the striped wallpaper. Such an interesting mix of different textures. It looks like a very happy place in which to create. I don't have one. All my things are kept in a huge armoire in my bedroom, in a trunk, and in containers under my bed. I have had to purchase blocks to elevate my bed so that I could store stuff underneath. When I work on my house, everything has to be brought out on the dining room table and everything has to be put away before I turn in at night. But that's okay. It really does not take that long.

  10. You were right, I really enjoyed looking at your workspace - everything so neat and tidy... ;O) Your "exhibition" of your miniature projects/scenes is wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for showing!


  11. So wonderful to see you back Sabiha! Youve given me a fantastic idea as I have a near identical bookcase just sitting unused. Im going to move in to my landing and put small dollshouse projects in it like you, it looks so brilliant! Now I have room for little roomboxes and market stalls I couldnt show off before! Will post pics once Ive moved it thanks for the inspiration, I love all your projects on show! Kate xxx

  12. Hi Sab,
    Great to see you back again! I love your Greek house. If you are having prblems leaving comments on other people's blogs try this - when you are asked to sign in, uncheck the 'keep me signed in' box. I saw this tip on someone else's blog and tried it and it works for me. I don't know whether it works for everyone but it's worth giving it a try!

  13. Your workspace is perfect!My is a big caos!
    I hope in September to build a perfect workspace :-)

  14. O, daar kan lekker geknutseld worden, ooit heb ik ook een eigen hobbiekamer.
    Voorlopig doe ik het maar gewoon op de keuken en salontafel. Ik kan misschien nog wel een kast met een werkblad erin kwijt....daar ben ik naar op zoek. Wat leuk om zo al die projecten bij elkaar te zien. Die okere rand geeft het griekse huis wat extra flair.

  15. je hebt daar een heerlijk plekje om te knutselen Sab!!!

  16. Hello, how nice that everything is back to normal :-)
    The idea of the precariousness of the blog is unsettling ...
    Your work space is beautiful: I am not so lucky ...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  17. I had also problems with making a comment.
    And Fabiola gave me a tip and now it works very fine. Change to Google Chrome, no problems any more!

  18. Fijn dat je blog weer werkt! Ook je werkruimte ziet er gezellig uit. Over dat niet kunnen reageren: niet automatisch inloggen maar elke keer als je naar blogger gaat opnieuw inloggen dan werkt het wel...vraag me niet waarom, ik had hetzelfde probleem een poosje terug.

  19. That looks like a wonderful place to work - beautiful chandalier!

  20. How neat and organised you are Sab! I have a room for myself but have to fit patchwork, cross-stitch, scrapbooking, family heritage and miniatures into it - and it is overflowing. I am presently re-organising it to be more workable and tidy. I love your display too, it is lovely to see your projects set out to admire.

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  22. Wat een gezellige werkplek heb je Sab :-)
    En alles zo netjes opgeruimd hi hi...
    Ik herken de okerkleurige rand wel onderaan het huisje, dat zie je hier ook bij oudere huizen.
    Mooi gedaan! :-)

    Liefs Jollie

  23. Dearest Sabiha, I am so glad you are back with your old blog!! (I know I am a bit late to realize that it's back, but I have been absent for a while from the blogland...)
    I just LOVE the greek house! You (and Sylvia) beat me to it, as I too wanted to create one (hopefully will do in the future)...
    If you need some more greek delicassies, I will be happy to "cook" for you!

  24. I hope everything went well.

    Cool site of yours.

    Cass from Classical Guitar Lessons