Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Time??????

Yesterday I had a busy day, my calendar was full of appointments and other things to do!
Then suddenly the unexpected happened, two appointments were canceled and I had some free time!!!!

I felt a kind of panic and wanted to devote my time to good use....
so what to do???????

I decided to work on my French House, but the first two hours, nothing came
out of my hands. Where to sart or begin?
After waisting two precious hours...I started with the whittening of all ceilings,
useful job if have nothing better to do......

After that I started with some progress in the bathroom. I already made some molds
of stone for the walls, but never had time to confirm them. So next job was done...
Than I made a frame to devide the bathroom from the coridor, it needs some glass
but there is a begin. It is unbeleivable but my progress goes in the right direction!!!

To top the heat level , I also made a begin for the floor tiles...should not get
any crazier:)))))))))))))))))


  1. Sab, the tiles will be wonderful,,. I am not doing any more progress but, hopefully , in a short time I'll be able to show you something.
    Go on and keep us informed. Hugs Rosanna

  2. You had really accomplished a lot! Looking forward to see more of the bathroom, the tiles are beautiful!

  3. I love the tiles! Looks a bit like jigsaw pieces all piled up there :-) Judith x

  4. sometimes a little luck is good for our free time:))
    cutting and assembly of the tiles is the most boring thing I can imagine, but very satisfying when the floor is installed!
    Have a good fun! :))

  5. The tiles look lovely Sab! I'm looking forward to see more of this room. With your talent I know it will be something special ;-) Jeannette x

  6. genial!!!! yo termine ayer mi piso de baldosas...vale la pena el trabajo...quedan muy lindas!!

  7. The bathroom tiles are beautiful. Worth all the work you put in.

  8. Free time ~ what a treat! I love your progress!!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Gosh, you must give me some lessons in time management. I would never have achieved so much!
    Love the tiles.

  10. The tiles are beautiful. Cant wait to see more of the bathroom. Hugs Maria

  11. Oh, those tiles are going to be just gorgeous!


  12. The tile pattern is beautiful! =)

  13. superbe et très original ce carrelage !

  14. Love the tiles! You certainly got a lot accomplished with your "free" time!

  15. Mooie tegeltjes!! Ben erg benieuwd hoe het er straks uit ziet als het er helemaal in ligt :-)

    Liefs Jollie

  16. I love your tiles. Great work!

  17. The tiles are lovely - glad to hear you finally managed to settle down to some mini work in the end.

  18. Please send a finished picture of your bathroom. I'd love to see your whole house!

  19. It looks like your floor will be amazing.