Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday I spent all day coming up with a
base for the wine cellar. Nothing came out
of my hands, and everything I tried failed.

Texas Belle gave me a link with a beautiful
picture with a wine cellar and this finally has
gave me the inspiration.

Thank you Texas Belle!!!

There has been a leak in the cellar,the drain
in the utiliti room was the cause... at the ground
you see the damage.The ceiling has the same damage.
Unfortunately it was too dark,to show it on the
pictures. You can not see the detail that well .
By the way, the leak caused the damage is solved ....

There is still no stairs,but I decided to buy
one,sometimes I get a little bit lazy.....
So the next thing to make is some furniture?


  1. Oh! That looks fantastic!! May I have the link to do the stone? Thanks, Jonna

  2. Wow - this looks amazing! It really doesn't look at all like the same box you showed before. I love the curved roof - how did you manage that? Fantastic work!

  3. I love the way you have made the room look with the colours and the curve in the ceiling. A real celler "look".

  4. Jonna,the link was just a picture....I made the stones out off sand paper,I carved them into it!I hope this will help you!

    Belle,thank you so much....I took some thin wood and with some steem I curved it,it works very simpel!i hope some day you will have a wine cellar too,I know for sure it would look perfect!

    Thank you Reiko,I just try to do my best,haha!


  5. Sabiha, you have made a wonderful cellar!!!
    It has just the right old, a bit moist and moulded feeling!
    And you have received so many great inspiration tips!! I am sure it will look great when finished!
    I guess you already know about this, but I´ll give you the link anyway:
    You can buy some lovely and not so expensive wine-bottles here :D

  6. Thank you so much Synnøve for your comment!
    I know all about minimini...I have some wonderfull bottles from her.It will take some time to get the cellar filled..lucky i have the time,haha!

  7. Oh, ok!! So you used sandpaper? Can you please e-mail me with some details? I have never done anything with sandpaper. I want to do a stone finish on a house and yours is exactly what I am looking for! Here is my Thanks, Jonna

  8. The cellar looks fantastic Sabiha, so real!