Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wine Cellar!

I'm started with the second showcase off my big project,
the wine cellar.I've only whitewashed the walls, but wanted
to show you anyways.It will not be a big wine cellar,still
asking myself how I can fill it? There are a lot of wine barrels
and bottles needed to fill this cellar?

Even when there is not much to see yet and it will take years
to fill it,I could not resist to put the best miniature already in
the empty room....

The seat Leo Furtado made me,it is perfect for the wine cellar!


  1. Once upon a time my parents owned a part of a wine farm in Tuscany (no, we are not rich, it was only a tiny part) and the cellars where my favourite places. They have to be dark, moist and filled up to the ceiling with barrels, big and small, and racks of wine. A good inspiration could come from the movie "A good year" starring Russel Crowe. I hope this is the right original title. In the house there is a cellar to die for.Have a nice evening Rosanna

  2. A wine cellar!! What a nice idea.... and yes it will probably take years to fill. But as Rosanna say; barrels fill up some space. And you can collect some fine bottles and try to come up with an idea to fill the shelves with something that looks like the real thing? Maybe some of the other bloggers has a good idea for you? Unless of course you want to collect over years :D

  3. What a wonderful idea. Eventhough it looks a "bit" empty now I would think you are the one who will be able to fill it up. SMILE

  4. I can't wait to see how this turns out - I'm sure it will be lovely! A wine cellar is the one room I really wish I could have in the Manor that I just couldn't find a space for.

    Many wine cellars seem to contain a table and chairs, for tasting I suppose, which could take up some room and make the space seem less empty. You might also consider scattering a few baskets or boxes of fresh grapes on the floor, and a standing champagne chiller would look great, too.

    You know, I don't think the cellar has to be full to look great; here's a link to one of my favorites:

  5. Sabiha,
    I am sure you will make it look fabulous! Leo's chair is just perfect for the cellar.

  6. Very nice idea. There might be something like this

  7. This is just the reason I like blogging so is because of you all!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the comments and tips!
    Rosanna,I know which movie you mean and I will look for it!
    synnøve,It would be a dream to fill it up with the most beautiful bottles I can find,but they are a little bit I have to find an other way...
    Belle and Tupu,thank you for the link,it will help indeed for the needed inspiration!

    Firts I will work on the stairs...never made one?


  8. Olá Sabiha!
    Certamente ficará um local muito interessante e aconchegante; gosto muito de criar cenas com queijos e vinhos...
    "um grande armário com caixas de vinho / caixotes de madeira antigos / taças, uvas e queijos sobre uma mesa... barris empilhados / quadros com cenas de campos / velas e candelábros... escada para alcançar a última prateleira do armário... garrafas variadas, emfim, será uma grande viajem e muitas inspirações!!!
    Grande abraço

  9. Leo's chair will be perfect on your cellar. I am sure That you will be fill all the space perfectly...just think in a little untidy if someone was tasting wines with friends...with a good piece of cheese...