Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Married!

My big sister and who is also my best friend is just married!
During the day we were at my house where I had prepared
a lunch for the guests I also did all the decorations myself...
At night there was a big party with live music provided by
my husband and his band!
It was a great day to remember!
If you want to see more pics ga over to my Lifestyle blog or
klick the picture!


  1. Sabiha, I've just been over to look at the photographs. Your Decorations were beautiful and all the more special as you made them with Love for your Sister..xxx

  2. Thank you Debbie,so good to hear from you!
    It took some preparations but it was worth doing it! My sis was so happy,and that is so good to see,it makes my day!


  3. Beautiful and thoughtfull decorations. Best wishes to the Bride and the Groom.May they have the best ever life. Hugs Rosanna

  4. Wow, it just looks so beautiful and elegant! What a great (and talented) sister you are!

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