Thursday, October 29, 2009

A day with Karin!

Today Karin came to visit me,and I can tell you
it was a fantastic day! She brought me a present,
and I'm over the moon excited about this... it is a
designer miniature chair!

The Earo Aarnio Pastil Chair!

Here it is,I fotographed it in front of a
design book with the same chair on the cover!

I love these miniature designers and collecting them!
I had already once purchased the Chaise Longue from
Le Corbusier,so now I have two of these designer chairs!

Karin sells these beautiful designer chairs,so if you are
interested take a look at her blog!
You can also mail her at .

Out that we talked a lot we also find some time to do some
crafting! We made baskets...I once saw the idea at Grumbler
and Poppet dutch blog and wanted to have one of these !

This is the is for the Long Island
Beach House...... one day to make?


  1. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful day with your friend Karin. Love your Chaise Longue.
    Your basket is lovely Sabiha..xx

  2. I love the chairs AND the basket! both so detailed and life like! Sounds like you had a very lovely day!

  3. Fantastic chair, both the miniature one and the real one..... the best chair designed in modern times!
    And the basket is just lovely. I really look forward to se the beach house!
    And I looked into the blog of your friend and found this great bench with some awesome lanterns, a hydrangea and baskets... wow!!!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Wow! A designer chair, fantastic!
    How wonderful that you were able to make those beautiful baskets!

  5. Eero Aarnio is very famous Finnish designer. I don´t have pastil chair, but it is very fanny and youthful.
    The basket is cute.

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