Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kitchen Chaircase!

Some time ago we had a Kladblog meeting,
we did a swap with workshops.

Lisette had made a kit to build a kitchen
chaircase,and the fun part of it is, that it
acctually works.


  1. Lovely!! That bucket looks like it's been standing outside for days! Maybe the owner hurried inside when it started to rain and forgot the bucket was even there :)

  2. Please, teach me how to do it. It's so cute and it's so similar to the one I have in my kitchen Thank you Rosanna

  3. What a wonderful little ladder! And I love the way you photographed it beside the apple--the lighting is wonderful and makes it looks rustic and used.


  4. Lireal,what a nice story you made up for the bucket...I thik that is just what happend to it,haha!

    Rosanna,what if I made you one?

    Mercedes,thank you..I'm also pleased with the result,X

    Jody,thank you...I take my pics with an simple camera,but I love to make pics of my mini's just in a different way!


  5. Would you really do it??? grazie mille, thank you very very much. I'd LOVE it.
    Write to my email ( I cannot find yours) so we can agree on a swap.See you soon

  6. Hoi Sab,
    Vanuit Tenerife wil ik je even de groetjes doen, het is hier fantastisch en je trapje is weer uit de kunst.
    De emmer is ook al zo gaaf!!!
    Liefs Sylvia

  7. Rosanna,I will sent you an email ok!

    Hé Syl,jeetje kon je het niet laten om zelfs op je vakantie besteming achter de pc te kruipen,haha!Hoezo verslaafd,hihi...maar ik ben wel héééél blij om wat van je te horen,en ik vind het tof te horen dat je het echt fantastisch hebt daar,geniet er lekker van!!!
    Leuk hé dat trapje...ik ga er nog een paar maken om uit te delen....hihi!

    Nou dikke kus en relaxen hé!

  8. Sabiha, have you thought about doing a tutorial so that we can all see how to make these wonderful little steps...you and your friends find such amazing things!!
    Regards, Linda x

  9. Linda,the tutorial for the steps was made by an Dutch friend Lisette spacialy for the kladblog meeting swap. She copied the little steps from her big one.... I can not just give her tutorial away because it is not mine.I prommissed to make one for Rossana and asked her(Lisette)if it was ok! She said you can make it for a give away...so.

    I think you have to take a good look at your big steps,haha! You also can go to her site
    and mail her....perhaps she can help you?

    If there is any mini I come up my self I love to share it with anyone!