Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some New Kitchen Stuff !

This picture I googled was my inspiration
for making some new mini kitchen stuff.

All the mini's together.....
The basket I made with the materials Sylvia
gave to me at her last visit.

The wooden scoop I cut them myself.

Inspired by Josje,I made a salt cellar.
I used only metal to make it....
I'm working on a new project,these are the
mini's I will use for it so far.


  1. I LOVE everything. From the new banner, Matteo and I were astonished at the sand castle and we giggled at the truck inside the shel, to the all beautiful pieces you have done. The wooden scoop in Italian is called SASSOLA. Hugs

  2. You do amazing work. I stand in awe! I love everything!

  3. Love the little cutting boards! Everything is so perfect! You've done an amazing job!

  4. GAAAAAAF!!!!!!
    Je bent weer lekker bezig geweest, heel mooi allemaal!
    Liefs Syl

  5. WOW!! Everything is just perfect, you are so clever at making real life things in miniature! The tiny scoop is amazing!

  6. Fantastic Sabiha. You are so clever. xx

  7. I love your mini's Sabiha, they are so real!!! You make a fantastic work and I like very much!!! X, Pilar.

  8. Oooh, wow thank you all for the comments my dear mini friends....I think you are all also clever and you all make fantastic mini's, I'm thankfull that I can share it with you!!!!!

    Hugs and xx!

  9. Your pieces are so lovely, you are very clever!!
    Linda x
    (thanks for the 'steps' info...that is good news)

  10. .....look! 100+ 'followers'....congratulations!

  11. Thank you Linda,your welcome!


  12. Ik had deze post nog niet gezien! Leuk zeg! Je zoutvat is erg mooi geworden. Je schepje is geweldig, heel goed gemaakt. Gewoon met een mesje en schuurpapier of zo? De brood planken zijn ook erg mooi geworden, ik heb er twee in het echt, zo'n grote ronde en een langwerpige. Erg leuk om na te maken lijkt me.

    Groeten, Josje

  13. Olá Sabiha!
    Estive um tempo afastado do computador por motivos de viagens, algumas encomendas de miniaturas para entregar urgente e outras situações...agora estou com mais tempo e retornarei ao Blog e aos meus trabalhos!!!
    Gostei demais dos seus novos projetos: A cozinha está muito legal parabéns!!!
    Uma novidade: Também já terminei algumas peças que estava fazendo para voce e a Sylvia (na próxima semana estarei enviando sem falta ok?), espero que gostem!!!
    Leo Furtado

  14. Hoi Josje,zag net je vraag...ik heb het uit geveild erg leuk om te doen en de brood planken zijn natuurlijk helemaal een makkie,die zijn zo gemaakt.Ik was helemaal verliefd op jou zoutvat en heb die wel als voorbeeld gebruikt...ben er wel een tijd mee bezig geweest omdat ik het uit metaal wilde maken,maar ben blij met het resultaat.

    Lé nice to hear something of you...I am very busy to,so I understand your situation.
    I made some mini for you to but did not finished it yet...I hope to find some time next week?


  15. Hi
    I love your Blog and will spend more time looking through all your amazing posts.
    I have added you to "blogs I follow" on my website