Monday, January 24, 2011

Stucco Walls!

Many of you asked about how I made the
stucco walls.
I used Gesso...if you mix it with sand it will
be much more the structure of concrete.
I used dirty water to make the walls look old.
Much of my inspiration I get from Léa Frisoni'
book...... Hope I answered your questions?


  1. Sabiha, your House is coming along beautifully. Looks like your having fun. Thank you for sharing your tip on making the Stucco

  2. Your house is so lovely, i loved that tip too. That book you have is it in French or English please ive seen pages from it and think its beautifully done.Love seeing your new project ocming alive xx

  3. Te felicito por tantos detalles que tiene tu casita,es preciosa.Tengo tu blog enlazado al mio´para no perderme nada de tus cositas.Te invito a visitarme.Besos.

  4. Thanks for the info on the stucco walls. I DID wonder, but didn't ask!

    I have the Lea Frisoni book so will have another look at that. Just a pity I don't have another property to try it on.

  5. Thanks!! I was one who asked :-) One more question though.... is it just sand you get at a craft store?

  6. Thanks for the tip. It will come handy. I like following your blog. Hugs

  7. what a genius idea! hope I get to use this technique someday...

  8. hi Sabiha, thanks a lot for sharing that with us because I was stucked with this guesso in the book since I bought it... anyway I am not sure to do it your work is so wonderful!!! Incredible you managed to do that with all your others duties..
    when I am thinking about my 1st and alone house never finished.... I am realy impatient to see all the rest will go.... Doei, Claude.

  9. Hope I inspired you to give it a try?
    Thank you for all the comments, it makes me smile!

    @ Claude, do you have a blog...can not find it?
    Would like to follow you too?


  10. Muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos con todas tus seguidoras!! Es magnífico el resultado. Me gusta mucho como está quedando tu casita. Besitos. Olga.

  11. Hi Sabiha,

    thank you for joining my blog - that gave me the chance to find yours... I'm totally impressed on your work with that house Sylvia has built for you - you're doing magic. Can't wait to see your next steps.

    Greetings from Germany

  12. Hi Sabiha, sorry but no blog I am not a miniaturist advanced as all you and I asked Mercedes to provide my e-amil address impossible to send you a message (everytime I sent to myself...LOL) but thanks for your concern. Doei, Claude

  13. Dank je wel Sabiha dat je verteld welke technieken je gebruikt, daar kan ook ik als beginner nog veel van leren :)

    Liefs, Jollie

  14. El estuco te ha quedado genial. Y ya ves con gesso que yo lo uso mucho en la universidad. Buena idea.
    Por cierto, te tengo envidia por tener el libro.

  15. I love how you have done the exterior and thanks for the stucco tip, I must get that book!

  16. That answered question a little. However, it would be nice if you’ll share with us the step-by-step, if you haven’t posted about it already. Also, it would be wonderful if we can get a closer look to your stucco walls. Thanks for the tips!

    Geoff Hull @ Gogo Contracting