Sunday, January 23, 2011

More progress and some changes!

First I thank you all for the amazing comments
you left on my last post! It is great to know
you like my new project and that I can inspire
some of you.

I finished my bricked fake windows...

I made a outside tap...
and a garden hose....
The doors have door knobs....
I changed the collor of the door fence....
I made a stairway fence....

I still need to finish the stairway railing...

This side of the wall is almost finished....only
need to work on the chimney. I also worked
at the roof top, but that I show you the next

How I would love to work the whole day at this mini
dream house of my but, I have my kids, husband, household
chorses and a business to run. So I find my spare times
mostley between all these things and at late hours.

Last week I could make some time free to play with my
new house, but the fun is over now....I have to finish two
interior plans for my clients and that is also fun, I can tell


  1. My dear, I love your house. Have I already told you ? I love al the details you are able to think of. Give us more, please. Hugs Rosanna

  2. Sabiha,
    I love the textures of your work that bring such realism and personality to the buildings and interior scenes! It always looks like someone just stepped out of the room.
    Beautiful!! By the way, what do you use for your stucco effects

  3. It is gorgeous Sabiha! I love all the detailing you put on it. Even with all of your other duties (believe me, I know all about those kind of things!) I still think you are getting a lot done.

  4. How do you fit everything in! I seem to spend all day thinking about what to do and never actually getting it done...
    I love the way you say - 'I made a hose' - as if it's the easiest job in the world. Ha! Ha!
    Amazing as usual Sabiha.

  5. You've made lots of progress since your last posting. All the little details are excellent especially the tap!

  6. Geweldig mooi huis heeft Sylvia gemaakt, sorry ik was hier nog fkes niet....
    Je hebt in die korte tijd al veel gedaan hoor..... en t wordt MOOI!! ERRUG MOOI!
    * marlies

  7. It is fabulous, I just love it!! Can't wait to see more. *Jean

  8. Just eautiful! I love all the detail.

  9. Sabiha, you have such a gift. You always give such realism to your projects. This house is going to be spectacular. =)

  10. Sab!
    It's looking awesome already! I love everything you have done and the lace looks perfect there!

  11. Sabiha, it looks great! Can you tell me how and what you use on the walls to get the stucco look?

  12. Oh my... I love seeing the shell of a house come to life!

  13. Fantastisch!!!
    De deur staat veel beter zo, meer een geheel.
    De dichtgemetselde ramen zijn ook heel mooi geworden, gaaf hoor.

    XX Syl

  14. It is fantastic. I like all the detais you add that make the house so real. The colours are also wonderful.

  15. Amazing amount of beautiful detiles! Good luck with this project and your work too.:)

  16. Sabiha!! Es una casita preciosa!! Me encantan los detalles del jardín!!!El tono que le has dado a la fachada está logradisimo!! Felicidades por tu buen trabajo. Saludos. Olga.

  17. What else can I say:I really,really love your house.All the details you are setting ,that's absolutely great!!! Jeannette x

  18. What you do with this house is wonderful. I love every little detail.

  19. Fantastic, abolutely fantastic!
    Love, Susanne

  20. Prachtig Sabje!! Ik vind die ramen ook hartstikke leuk bedacht!!! En ik vind dat je razend snel gaat met al je andere verplichtingen er nog bij, slaap je nog wel?? ;-)
    Liefs, M-tje

  21. I really enjoy "poking" your photos to see the closer view of your amazing work. The finishes are just perfect! Love all of the little details! Your first house is coming along beautifully!

  22. Es fantastica, me encantan todos los detalles, te esta quedando estupenda. Enhorabuena

  23. Parece increible lo que eres capaz de transformar con ese "arte" que tienes para ensuciar y envejecer los ambientes... Un gran apaluso por lo que haces... Un beso.Mariajo

  24. AMAZING!! What incredible details you have achieved and the house is looking so inviting already!!! I love the railing that you have made around the upper floor door. Is it metal or wood?? It looks so wonderful!

  25. Your work is EXCELLENT!!!! Beautiful.

  26. Het ziet er geweldig uit!! Ik kan echt geen orgineler woord meer vinden ervoor. Zo prachtig :)
    Je hebt ook een erge leuke baan! :)
    Het is echt heel inspirerend wat je maakt, ik kijk er iedere keer weer naar uit om te zien wat je gemaakt hebt, zo leuk is dat! :)

    Liefs, Jollie

  27. Que casa mas pero mas maravillosa!!!Y al compartir el proceso haces que uno la sienta parte de uno ¡Gracias!!!!¡Woow!! Disfruto y aprendo muchísimo en tu blog!! ( =
    ¡Felicidades por ese talento!!

  28. The house looks absolutely perfect!! So realistic and so many great details! I love that house. I wish I could be a tiny enough to live there my self. :) Dream house.

  29. Spectacular! Thank you for posting all these great photos. I wish I knew how to do this!