Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some progress!

Even though the house is far from finished yet,
I wanted to show you the progress so far.

As I told you, first I will compleet the exterior
of the house, before I will start at the interior.

This is the door that allowes access to the
first floor and living part of the house. The door
needs a doorknob and I like to put a grid for
the window with an ornament. I also will
place a fence for the stairs for some safetey.

The roof above the door is made from wood
and lead.

I have painted the stairs a couple of times
before I was satisfied...I like the outcome
so far.

Is there living a.....mouse?

This is the door allowes access to the kitchen.
With a layer of tacky glue, I made the window
look it! You can see through but not
clear...the curtain I made from a piece of old
lace Mercedes sent me.

To keep out intruders or just for a breath
of fresh air in the kitchen, without everyone
walking in, this iron fence will be very handy.
It is the same door I used in my little kitchen.
I like this very much, also because it reminded me
of Greece where my grandmothers house also had
these in front of every door.

Have you seen there are more houses in this

Also a memorie of my grandmothers house.....
swallow nests.

I could not help myself allready to decorate
a little bit....
The pottery table needs much more stuff, but
somehow I think it will be no problem to fill
it up with bits and pieces.

As you can see the bigger picture, this side
of the house needs still much work. The upper
walls will get some bricked windows. In the earlier
time of this building they placed windows but later
it turned out new residents prevered blind walls.
At the lower part of the wall (near the stairs) there
will be a wall painting. The chimney needs also work,
but that is for the next time....


  1. This house is fabulous. I love every detail. You have, so far, done a great job. I'll follow every step until its finished.

  2. GEWELDIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    XX Syl

  3. Een beetje vooruitgang? Je hebt al zoveel gedaan! Ik vind het erg mooi. Ben benieuwd naar de verdere voortgang ;-)

  4. You're off to an excellent start - it looks fabulous. I'm impressed with the finish on your stairs, the little plants and holders and the "iron" gates. Can't wait for the next batch of photographs.

  5. Waanzinnig, wat een verschil met de vorige foto's - ik vind het prachtig worden!!

  6. WOW! I love the colours youve used and the style of painting, did you use lots of colour washes or dry brush lots of it, the effect is stunning Sabiha. I bet you just cant wait to do more!, I know I cant wait to see! Kate xxx

  7. Das Haus sieht jetzt schon sehr stimmungsvoll aus.... man merkt Dein Geschick für Details. Die patina der Treppe ist umwerfend geworden und der bisher gesehene Rest ist schon klasse geworden. Das wird wirklich ein Schmuckstück.

    An solch ein großes Projekt habe ich mich noch nicht rangetraut....!!!

    Liebe Grüße an Dich PuNo/Monika

  8. It's wonderful, simply fantastic!!!

  9. Es muy bonito!!!! Felicidades!
    un beso

  10. wooouuaaahhh Sabiha it is really wonderful al these aspects and details incredible!!! thanks a lot to shae all your pictures with us... when I am thinking about my house... snif snif... I am really impatient to see your next steps...Doei, Claude

  11. Heel mooi zoals zo snel je eigen stijl en sfeer zichtbaar worden!Inspirerend!

  12. Great,great,great Sabiha!!! I love the way you set the colours and the structure in the wall and the stair.The iron door was a great idea ,too .Looking foward ,I will follow every step,so be busy ;-)!Jeannette x

  13. Wow this is looking really good, going to be lovely seeing this come together. Just showed my hubby and he said Wow too he loves the Greek look to it too xx

  14. Sabiha - do you ever sleep? You have done so much work and it looks FABULOUS! I am green with envy with how much you have done so far. That swallows nest is so so so cute. I think that the girls in my own little cottage should have one too! Wonderful work. Can't wait to see more. Big hug, Carol :) x

  15. Wow! Your work is incredible! Such detail! So inspiring! I love watching your progress!

  16. Wat heb je hard gewerkt!!! Het ziet er supermooi uit. Wat een prachtige sfeer heb je gemaakt. Ik blijf ernaar kijken.

  17. Oh my..swallow nest and all the other things! Everything looks so beautiful♥ Thank you for showing us your house project!

  18. Waooouuuh ! It's just wonderful ! I like the colours, the details, very very nice project ! I'm waiting your next post to see more ;)

    Mini hugs,


  19. It's wonderful of course! How could it be something less...;-)))

  20. Zo jij bent al lekker bezig zeg!, ja hoor, weer helemaal in 'Sabiha' stijl, hartsikke mooi dus!!, lekker hoor zo'n vrije dag, behalve dan...

    ti.Een van de redenen waarom de ramen vroeger dichtgemetseld werden is dat er per raam belasting betaald moest worden, ook de grootte van het raam bepaalde het bedrag.

    Groetjes, Karin.

  21. Dear Sab, what shall I say ? I LOVE IT !!! all of it ! Hugs Rosanna

  22. Sorry, typefoutje, moet natuurlijk Hartstikke mooi zijn!

    En dat van de belasting was althans in Nederland.

    ps. Trap staat op mijn blog!

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.

  23. Sabs, this is wonderful! I am so impressed by your attention to detail. I've just started working on my dollhouse after a long break. You inspire me!


  24. Dat heb je snel gedaan. Erg mooie hoekje en deur met tralies...prachtig

  25. I love the amazing work that you do in this house.All the details are sol real and lovely.I,m looking forward
    to seeing your wonderful progress.I invite you to participate in my litlle giveaway.Miniregards.

  26. This house is going to be fantastic. I truly love what you have done so far, in fact you did quite a lot already. It looks so real. I can't wait to see more.

  27. Sabiha, OMG!!! You are so amazing in what you have accomplished on this house so far! It is going to be a masterpiece when you are finished!!! I am loving all of the photos and look forward to your next batch!!! Love your style!!

  28. OMG, can not beleive all the nice and so many comments! Myself not so good in commenting on all your wonderful post, is very happy to have you as my blog friends!

    So, a very BIG THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

    XXX Sabiha

  29. Sabiha ¡Que casa mas pero mas hermosa!!!
    Una de tantas cosas que admiro tanto de tu trabajo ,es que cuidas hasta el mínimo detalle. Y cada cosa de tan buen gusto y perfectas!!!!
    ¡Felicidades por ese talento!!!
    Un abrazo

  30. Dit huisje wordt puur genieten om te volgen Sabiha.
    Ik zit te watertanden...prachtig...

    groet Heleni

  31. It's beautiful, I love the way it's coming to life and all the details! :) I can't wait to follow as you build and decorate it!

  32. Jemig, noem dat maar een beetje vooruitgang!
    Je bent al flink opgeschoten Sabiha, en het is in 1 woord prachtig!!!

    Ik herken die ijzeren deur voor de voordeur heel goed, dat zie je idd. nog steeds heel veel hier in Griekenland, de eigenaren van mijn huis (onze woningen grenzen aan elkaar) hebben het zelfs! :)
    Ook de zwaluwnesten zijn voor mij normaal ;) lol!
    Zo leuk om dat bij jou terug te zien nu in je huis!
    Ik kan wel een beetje raden hoe het verder gaat worden!... prachtig! ;)

    Liefs, Jollie

  33. Gosh your work takes my breath away!

  34. The work on the house has just started and is already a masterpiece!
    The color of the staircase is fantastic :-)
    You see that you have long desired this time...
    Have fun
    (and tanks for your lovely comment)

  35. Beautiful! Love the little swallow's nest. We had one and the next year they returned as well as all the baby swallows and they ALL built nests! (quite a mess on my front walkway) hope your mini-swallows don't do that.

  36. Es un trabajo increible. Es preciosa y con mucho detalle. Me encanta ese color de escalera que has conseguido. Estaré pendiente del progreso.

  37. Well if the outside is already so great, the interior will be amazing ...
    congratulations ... very real air of well-lived and studied in minute detail as the swallow's nest ....
    I look forward to seeing further progress ...
    a kiss

  38. Me gusta mucho como le ha quedado la escalera y la puerta,cuida mucho los detalles,GENIAL!!!

  39. This is not "small progress" ;-) You already done a great job !
    I am looking forward for the continuation.
    Bravo !

  40. Wouw! Wat een geweldig mooi huis! Zo gedetailleerd. Jij hebt de ideetjes goed in je hoofd zitten.
    En wat een toeval: ik heb gisteren ook een zwaluwnestje gemaakt... Grappig.

  41. gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! so much inspiration, thankyou for sharing


  42. o wat is het mooi
    echt prachtig
    mag ik je vragen hoe je aan zo een mooie kleur komt voor de buitenmuur?

  43. Wat ontzettend mooi!!! En wat ga je snel :-) Pfff, wou wel dat ik een beetje van jouw talent had voor kleurenkeuze en styling..echt schitterend!!!

  44. helemaal top,de kleuren en het idee om het zo te doen,super
    groetjes adrie

  45. It´s absolutely stunning, Sabiha! It is going to be a fantastic house. Can´t wait to see more. What a couple you are, you and Sylvia, a wonderful and inspiring friendship, I imagine.(PS: I have the french street signs too, mine are just dark green/dark blue ;-)
    Love, Susanne

  46. Sabiha Hello,
    I am really impressed by your skills, those small doors are
    dream ... Not to mention the pots, scales, their nests ....
    Even in my Parisian house I am planning a outdoor staircase and you
    seem strange but I have a door identical to yours, but it is not comparable to your work! Congratulations can not wait to see the next

  47. WOW! Sabiha! Stunning! The details are marvelous! The swallows nest is just amazing! You think of Everything! What is the "iron" door made from? It is very beautiful! Incredible work!

  48. Un trabajo muy elaborado, cuidando los detalles al máximo. Precioso.
    Besos Teresa