Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Despite the fact I'm still very busy with my
1:1 life, I've managed to make heaps of new

The mini's I've made are not for myself, but for 2
dear friends. I can not give away to much, because
it will ruin the surprise. Soon I will tell you all about it!?!

Last week Karin came to visit me and we had so
much fun...there were also presents for me!

Look at all these Christmas goodies....can't
wait till it's Christmas!

I also got some nice mail from Sylvia....she
made me this wonderful patch work (knitted)
blanket. I will use it in a new project (again),
later I will tell you all about it!
If all goes well, the comming time I will have
more time for my mini hobby. I hope to post
more often en visit your wonderful blog's more
often too. I'm sorry that I recently fail at commenting
on your blog's and I hope I did not disappoint any
of you???


  1. Wat verwennen jullie elkaar altijd!! Heerlijk hoor en wat een mooie spulletjes weer!

  2. Dear Sab, how well I understand you. I'll wait for you to have a bit more free time. Your presents are so lovely and I'm sure that what you've done wont be any less. Minihugs Rosanna

  3. Beautiful gifts from Karin!
    I can't wait for you to show us what you've been making!

  4. Sabiha hello! welcome back! Unfortunately, life sometimes surprises us that we can not escape ....
    I am glad to read your blog again, I hope you're well!
    occasionally goes to visit me on my blog, it will be like taking a cup of tea!

  5. Oh wat een mooie deken heeft Sylvia gemaakt, knap hoor onder de omstandigheden!!

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.

  6. I hope you will have more free time soon. Great gifts!

  7. Sabiha, real life catches up with us all. Lovely presents from your friends and I'm really looking forward to seeing what surprises you have made for your friends..xxx