Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas in the air?

After I did my household chorse today (and beleive
me,there were many) I thought I deserved some
time too for my hobby.

Because I really got into the Christmas mood,....
but I thought it would be too early to decorate
my house, I started to work on some mini decoration.

First I pimped my Christmas tree. I decorated it
last year, but it could use much more decorations.
I chose the Victorian style for the tree..some day
it will be part of a project I have in mind for a long
time. In an other post I will tell you all about it!

After I was finished for so far with the tree
I decided to make more in
the style I would use in my own house.

Loads of white and silver..... Some decorations
I made years ago, like the snowmen wreath.
Today, I made some pendants to match. Don't
forget to click on the pic to enlarge!

Snowmen pendants.....

To make the metal wreath I was inspired by
Susanna. I used holly leafs.


  1. I'm with you Sabiha, it is time to get out the mini Christmas tree....

  2. They look wonderful. I love your little snowmen :)
    Julia x

  3. I love the tree and the snowmen! It is so fun to see what is being made now for the Christmas Holiday! Everyone is so talented. I love your silver and white Christmas decorations too!

  4. Oh Sabiha, how I love this!!! Beautiful!! =)

  5. The Tree is beautiful sabiha, as are all the other

  6. Het geeft al een heerlijk sfeertje...prachtige boom en versieringen.

    groet Heleni

  7. Your ornaments and tree are so pretty! Love the little snowmen! Merry early Christmas!

  8. Is georgous, congratulations for all. Good w-e

  9. These are so beautiful!
    I am getting in the Christmas mood...;-))

  10. Such beautiful minis! It really got me in a chistmas mood to see your pictures, and it made me want to make some christmas minis myself :-)

  11. I love your Christmas tree and its decorations. I'm glad to see you busy with your miniatures.

  12. Sabiha, your tree really makes me want Christmas!
    The decor is delightful, especially the men of snow :-)
    A joy for the heart!

  13. Hoi Sabiha,

    Nou jij bent al helemaal in de stemming! en wat een mooie spulletjes heb je allemaal al, een hele mooie kerstboom ook!

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.

    ps.Zag jullie adventkadootjes ook hangen....nog even en dan is het 1 December en mag je elke dag een kadootje uitpakken....lijkt me zo leuk!!

  14. Your tiny ornaments are just delightful! And your little tree is so elegant.... just as a Victorian tree should look! Very beautiful!

  15. How many projects-still-to-make do you have in your head?? LOL
    Tht tree is beautiful and I love thos little snowmen!!!

  16. Your Christmas minis are spectacular Sab!
    I'm working on Christmas now too, I'm feeling inspired!

  17. Delightful!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  18. Hi.Love your victorian christmas tree.Would fit my dollhouse perfectly;)