Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wonderful Day!

This week I went to meet a Mini Friend.
She invited me to her lovely home,and I can tell
you that it was a great day! After she showed me
her beautiful mini houses and all the mini's she
has made,we lunched in her beautiful garden.

She learned me how to make a basket,and gave me
these beautiful flowers as a gift! She has also made
the antiek picture frame,and I put al the beautiful
mini's in my Antiek/Flower shop!


  1. It seems to have been a great day. I'm a bit envious... not true, I'm happy for you both

  2. Hahaha,Thank you Rosanna...fot me it was the first time I could talk with somebody about this mini madness...and it was great!


  3. Muito bonitas as flores e o cesto!!!
    Gosto demais da disposição dos objetos que voce fez. Será que poderia te enviar alguns minis objetos???

  4. Oh but I do envy you. To be able to talk to someone in real life over your mini madness who is equally mad and share ideas or learn is truly wonderful :). I love your flower shop too.

  5. So special, thank you so much for sharing! Your flower shop has such fabulous realistic items.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  6. Hoi Sabiha,

    Wat leuk dat je zo een fantastische dag heb gehad, het is altijd heerlijk om met andere minigestoorde te kletsen, het blijft toch een kleine afwijking ha, ha.
    Je hebt ook prachtige spulletjes gehad voor je antiek/bloemenwinkel.
    Dinsdag stuur ik mijn bijdrage voor het winkeltje op, een kleinigheidje maar dan kan je vast nieuwsgierig worden.
    liefs Sylvia

  7. Beautiful! The basket is so realistic!! -ara

  8. Oh, Sabiha, you lucky, lucky girl! What a great day you must have had. The hydrangeas are beautiful and the basket is fantastic!
    Your antique shop is awesome, it looks so real!

  9. Sounds like to had a wonderful time and came home with some wonderful gifts..xx

  10. Oooh wow,thank you all!!!!!

    It was a lovely day,but with all of your comments it makes it complete!


    Sylvia,je maakt me idd heel nieuwschierig,haha!

    Leo,thank you very much,I will contact you on your blog!