Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mercedes,has sent me the gate-box,so I could make
a gate for my garden.I did not wanted to waist the
rest of the beautiful box,so I made a chicken coop.

I must find some chickens.....?


  1. Oh Sabiha!
    That is so wonderful!!! You have a fantastic imagination! I'm so happy you were able to use the whole box!

  2. Thank you Mercedes,now I want to see your chicken box,haha!I'm glad that I have this imagination,the box was to cute not to use for making a nice mini.

    Love Sabiha

  3. So very clever!

    I love everything about this little hide away place. It must be such fun to keep on adding and adding and adding....it gets more amazing every time you add something new!

    Ah...and look at those poppies being so cute.


  4. Sabiha what a brilliant idea to use the box as a Chicken Coop. Here's a link to Matlock Miniatures, if you look under Birds and Animals they have Chickens. http://www.matlockminiatures.com/Shop/home.html

  5. Great imagination!! I love the idea!!

  6. Brilliant! Can't wait to see it with chickens installed. :-)

  7. Excelente idéia!!!
    Gostei demais! a escada está demais... tudo no seu lugar. Parabéns por mais este detalhe muito legal que certamente fará uma grande diferença quando estiver terminado (esse cuidado com os mínimos detalhes é que definem e diferenciam o resultado final - é a marca registrada do artista!!!!).Grande abraço

  8. @Brombeertje,dank je wel voor je lieve woorden,het is idd leuk om het te zien groeien.Er komt steeds meer bij en dat maakt het steeds completer.Er is nog een hoop wat moet gebeuren,maar alles op z'n tijd.

    @Debbie,thank you for your comment and telling me the right word,haha!So it is a chicken coop,my English gets better every day,haha!Thank you for the link,soon there wil be chicken!

    @Eva,thank you...I try to do my best?

    @Leo,thank you for this beautiful comment,it means a lot for me to hear this from the master himself!

    Mini Hugs!

  9. Wow, that is great, I can just see the little chickens enjoying themselves and think of all the little eggs you will get for free, lol. So environmental.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  10. So wonderful idea and it looks so nice and cosy! :)