Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In ours mini world there is a heap number people who are making the most beautiful mini's.

But this lady conducts you to a fantasia world of which I think that in everybody's heart it is to find. Her elves and gnomes look this way real that it seems that they will come every moment to life. Her work is breathtaking and I think also that this lady deserves much more honour,her work is of the highest quality and she is a master in what she does! Take a look on her site, because it is more than worth it!

I hope that on a day a film is made in which these fantastic figurines will play a head role….
Thank you Miriam,for making these beautiful mini's!


  1. Oh my goodness! Those little elves are amazing and that mouse is all too real!

  2. Mercedes,everytime I go and look on her blog,I just can't beleive it is not real...I think they come alive at night?
    The mouse is amazing,she made some other animals to,go and see all her post!

  3. Fantástica criação!!!
    Parabéns pela imaginação e pelo talento!

  4. Hele mooie site, erg mooie figuurtjes, ik krijg zin om ook eens zoiets te proberen........ maar ik heb nog zo veel in de wacht staan.....
    dankjewel voor de link, groetjes marlies

  5. Your welcome Leo,I am pleased to share it with you all!

    Marlies,ik snap wat je bedoeld,mijn fantasie slaat ook meteen op hol...maar net wat je zegt ik heb al een miljoen dingen op mijn lijstje staan,haha!

  6. I adore her work. Totally amazing..

  7. I love her work, wonderful you are sharing.

    Mini Hugs, Jean