Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Mini Today!

The past few weeks, I am terribly spoiled
by my friends.. It is a mini hobby, with so
many great friends!

This wonderful looking cute cup-cake, was sent
to me by Mercedes....I had the perfect bird
to match!

These are some of my most favorite Christmas

Then there was a surprise from Rossana too,
an Angel Garland. Isn't it just fantastic to have all
these decorations of your friends in your home!

And this....! This is torture!!!! This is sitting under the
Christmas tree for some weeks now, and I have to wait
a whole week till Christmas!!! These are from Sylvia and
Mercedes. There are some presents for my daughter (7)
too, but she has more patience than me,lol!
Thank you again, Rossana, Mercedes & Sylviaxxx
More pics of my Christmas House, click here!


  1. I haven't been so good, I opened all the parcels. I had the excuse of my birthday ;o)Today, if there is some light, it's snowing here, I'll share your booties. They ARE fabulous. Have a nice day,Rosanna

  2. Such beautiful gifts and decorations! Love Rosanna's garland! Mercedes little cupcake is just too cute. :D

  3. Tus regalos de decoracion NavideƱa, son geniales enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Beautiful Gifts Sabiha, your home looks

  5. Liberty's cupcake looks very cute there Sabiha.
    I am finding it torture too waiting to open the gifts under the tree (seems to be harder for us big girls to wait than it does for the little ones!)