Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kladblogdag 2010!

Yesterday I joined the Dutch Kladblog
meeting 2010! As last year it was such a
pleasure to see some old friends and meet
some new as well!

We talked a lot about minis and eat yummie
food everybody had prepared, made some
wonderful workshops and changed gifts!

I made these cards with a little Christmas bag!

Hanny made these wonderful little soap is so tiny and so adorable!
I will hang it on the door knob of my
(someday) Long Island Beach House!

Hanny also prepared a workshop Lavender,
it was very simple to make but the outcome
is just actually smell like real

M-tje made us a cute fabric hart with flower print
and a really tiny cute is that!

Sylvia made her famous canister as a nice memory
for this wonderful day!

Jolande brought us a little candle light with a cute
Christmas bear!
She also prepared a workshop of a little fabric Christmas
tree and I managed to finish it before I had to leave for

Petra (she could not come) sent us with her friend
Hanny a Christmas soap set!

Jody made this little cute Christmas hart
tree decoration....when I came home I
immediately hang it in my mini tree.
Can you see that little knitted duck?
That was a gift from Nella...her Nella dolls
are very famous in Holland!
I also bought one of her dolls, it is a little
Christmas boy!

Paula made a wonderful Christmas wall
decoration...I think it will be wonderful as part
of a Scandinavian Christmas year!
And finaly a photo of the group!
Ladies...thanx for the wonderful day and
I see you next year, xxxxx!!!!!


  1. Zo leuk om je weer even in het echie te zien!!!
    Het was gezellig gisteren :-)
    Knuf, M-tje

  2. Fabulous !!! how I long to meet other miniaturists. Hugs Rosanna

  3. What a lovely gathering of Miniaturists, such wonderful little gifts you made each other. xxxx

  4. Wat een geweldig mooi blog heb jij. Met prachtige creaties. Wow.
    Vond het heel leuk om je te ontmoeten!


  5. It must be wonderful to meet other miniaturists. You have shown us beautiful miniatures.

  6. Sabiha, It looks like it was a wonderful day for you! Wonderful gifts that everyone made! I love your little bags that you made!!

  7. What wonderful gifts! Sounds like you had a lovely time. =)

  8. Looks like you really had fun and exchanged some lovely gifts, just love your decorated tree!

  9. I am blown away by your mini tree. It is absolutely adorable with so much detail. Gorgeous.

  10. Such wonderful minis! Sounds like a fun day!

  11. WOW!!!
    How fantastic the Kladblog members are. What wonderful fantastic gifts you recieved and gave!

  12. Sabiha, I keep looking at your tree! It's beautiful, so real looking. Can you tell me where you got it?