Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonderful Paris!

We are back from Paris!

I'm still very tiered but very satisfied. It
was a wonderful adventure and we had
great fun with Sylvia.

This post will be all about our trip!
This way I hope you can enjoy little bit too.

This was the train station we arrived at with
the Thalys. Across the street was our beautiful
hotel. Our room had a real french balcony!

Sylvia checking in!

Of course I had to trie the bed!

Imagine... a whole city full of this kind of

Stained glass dome of galerie Lafayette!

In the afternoon the big moment came to
meet our Italian friends, Rosanna and Roberta.
At the stairs of the Sacre Couer enjoying this
amazing view of Paris!


It was wonderful to meet The Italian girls
The rest of the day we spent together and
we had a great time together.Rosanna
as our guide,she was almost like a native
Parisian! She could tell us anything about
this beautiful city.
Sorry, ladies but I had to show this foto!
(It was very hard to get them on a foto,only when
I promised that it was for own use they wanted
to pose...?)

Montmartre....such inspiration!

Then we went to see the petit store of,
Léa Frisoni....

Windows with delicious yummie cakes,were
no exception in Paris..

We also had a visit at the "Passage Jouffroy"
and "Passage des Panoramas"
This picture is taken in front of the window
of the store Pain D'epices. They sell toys and
dollhouse minies.

After all the shoping, it was time to meet the
Norwegian friends, Synove and Christel.
Christel came with her family...her two beautiful
daughters and husband. Synnoves came with her
boy friend.
We had such a great time...still can't beleive it all
really happened.

Restaurant L'arbre a cannelle.
Look at the sealing of the restaurant...it was
the most wonderful decor for this accasion.

There were some gifts too...!!!!!
This is from Rosanna... fantastic wall paper,
a beautiful tray and a master piece of stitch
work...like a dream!

Beautiful treasures...
(bench from Sylvia and bear from Margriet)

And there was more from Roberta too!
In this beautiful box with pink ribbon there
was a tableau with a scene making a pie...
it is so perfectly made and looking very real.
I love minie food, so she could not make me
The Ladurée bag was also a gift for me,
she gave me at the SIMP.

Ladurée at avenue Champs Elysees....heaven!
There's a long story down to our trip to Ladurée,
but when it is a bit sensitive to some people I do
not go into there (;LOL)
We went into the store but unfortunately it was
not allowed to make pictures. I also did not buy
anything, the row was to long and we simply had
not enough time.

I did manage to grab a card...the macarons
did not came from Ladurée, but I bought
them at the last minute at Mc Donalds,just
before we had to leave home!

( sorry girls)
At the SIMP with Rosanna and Roberta.

Together with Christel.

Christel did not sent us home empty-handed
eather! Such a wonderful treat, from such a
great artist!

Of course I had some shopping of my own....

Look at these fantastic tiles, they are made by

At my wish list there was a pair of scissors
that could really cut and perfectly fit in the
sewing box I recently got from my friend
Well I have found it at:
I already knew these ladies because
I already had purchased some minies from them
at the show in Arnhem.
They have fantastic minies, and I can tell you that
my wishlist is only grown.

I also bought a cheese knife,mixer and realy
tiny needles.

And then it was time to go home......
Thank you dear friends for the beautiful time
and memories I will treasure for ever!!!!

Sylvia, Lotjes Dollhouse
Synnoves,Et Dukkehjem
Christel Jensen, Little Treasure


  1. Dear Sab, it has been really like a dream. I went to the shop today with a smile as big as Europe! everybody understood that I was happy. Thank you very much for your company. I love the pics you did of us and I'll rob them since I have none.Again next year! hugs Rosanna

  2. Zo, jij hebt je best gedaan, geweldig verslag hoor!!

    xx syl

  3. Sabiha, it sounds like you had such a wonderful time with fellow miniaturist/bloggers! And in Paris, no less! How terrific!


  4. Hoi Sabiha en ook Sylvia,

    Wat een heerlijke weekend hebben jullie gehad in Parijs. En erg leuke meiden. En is een winkel van Lea gesloten? Vorige jaar was bij Lea haar winkel gesloten, jammer.
    Leuke verslag en bedankt voor mee te delen.
    Liefs Lisette

  5. You all look as if you had a wonderful time Sabiha. How wonderful that you all managed to meet up. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us..xxx

  6. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. How lovely meeting all your blog friends....I wish I could do that too one day!

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos! Oh, to go to Paris! And such pretty ladies there enjoying it all and such wonderful mini items! So good to share that experience together!


  8. Such lovely gifts and purchases. I am so envious of everyone's trip to SIMP. I've only ever got to attend one miniature show. You are so lucky. Also lucky to have such good friends to share everything with. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Fabulous photos Sabiha!
    How fantastic to have such wonderful memories and to meet all the girls!

  10. Wat moet dat een heerlijk weekend zijn geweest!!!!! Mooie spulletjes heb je gekregen én gekocht....hahahah, nu heb je in elk geval een kaasMES (die schaaf komt vast nog wel een keer ;-)) Leuk die schaartjes en hij past mooi in het naaidoosje!!!
    Liefs, Margriet

  11. It sounds like a wonderful weekend,and fantastic to have such wonderful memories and to meet all the girls!

  12. We're doing dream with your post on SIMP... Who knows, maybe next year I will be there :-)
    Mini hugs, f.

  13. Oh Sabiha...it sounds like a dream! I wish I could have been there and meet all of you wonderful miniaturists! Who knows, maybe next year I can make it!

    By the way, since I cannot find your email, can you please send me your address? I would like to send you something...

    A kiss from Greece

  14. oooh Im so jealous, what a magical weekend, lucky you! How wonderful to meet all your freinds and attend such a fantastic a show too! Glad you had a great time, now relax!! Kate xxx

  15. Hoi Sabiha,

    Ik hoor binnenkort wel in het echie hoe het geweest is maar zo te zien.......heeeeel gezellig!!, ik zou willen dat ik er ook bij was geweest!

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.

  16. Me alegro que lo hayas pasado bien y que hayas podido disfrutar de las compañeras y de Paris.
    Gracias por esas fantasticas fotos.
    besitos ascension

  17. You really had a super time. Your purchases are great.
    You took beautiful photos of Paris. It's such a good thing to go to a fair and be able to do some sightseeing too.

  18. Hoi Sab,
    Verslag is echt leuk en mooi om te lezen,prachtige pics....En ik heb al je mini's in het echt mogen bewonderen,plaatjes.... Ongelooflijk hoe klein jullie kunnen werken,en zo echt.WOW!
    En de macarone,die was echt super lekker,lief dat je er een voor me hebt bewaard....X

  19. Dear Sabhia :)))
    It was SO NICE to meet you!!!!! We/I had such a lovely time both at the restaurant and at the SIMP! And thank you SOOO much for the gift; I'll always treasure it :)))))
    Ohh.... and nice pictures and buyings!!!!!!
    A BIG hug

  20. PS: You must send me your address!!!!
    And what happend????

  21. Prachtige foto's van Parijs lekker een paar daagjes uit.
    Mooie kado's en miniaturen en het bankje van Sylvia, schitterend!

  22. Wat een geweldig leuke trip hebben jullie gehad in Parijs. En zo leuk dat jullie bloggers hebben ontmoet. En prachtige aankopen heb je gedaan.

    Groeten Natascha

  23. It's always a dream read about Paris...
    I'm so happy for our meeting and for your sweetness...and don't worry, I "excuse" you for the picture...ha! ha! ha! we look so funny!!!
    Write you soon

  24. Thanks for sharing the pics (especially the "illegal" ones LOL) - it's clear you all had a wonderful time :)

    And you certainly found some fantastic minis!

  25. Thank you for sharing your adventures - you certainly all had a great time. I am so envious!! But delighted to be able to join in through your blog. LOVE all the beautiful things you got. Carol xox

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  27. I am so happy that you had such a wondeful time together :)

  28. Sabiha, Thank you so much for sharing all of your photos and describing your wonderful trip and friendships. It seemed all so magical! What a great time you must have had. I've really been enjoying reading about everything on the other girls blogs too, it is so much fun that you all share. I'm not surprised you would buy minis that really work. Your gifts are fabulous as are your purchases. Jean♥

  29. Leuk, al die verhalen van mensen die naar SIMP zijn geweest. Net of ik er een beetje bij was :-)
    Ben benieuwd naar je bloemen (waarvoor je het groen al kant en klaar hebt ;-)).
    Ik hoop dat je gauw foto´s plaatst als je wat klaar hebt!

  30. I'm so glad nobody told me to put my camera down.. I managed to take some pics inside last week :)

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