Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Only one days work tomorrow and then it's
time for holiday! I realy hope to spent some
time making minies. Not big projects, but all
kind of small things. I think, what just popup
at that moment in mind?
Today I have also some time to spent, and
I thought I could finish some (already) started
work. As I told you, I like o make flowers but
realy hate to make the green leafs.
So, the leafs I bought at the SIMP at Pascale Garnier
came in handy! She also sold some wonderful kits
to make more plants, but because I was running out
of money I only had a good look at the kits for some
The flowers of the poppy I had already made, they
just needed some green leafs. The lavender is also an
own trial.


  1. Hi Sabitha! Your plants are very pretty! I like how you aged the pots too. The poppy is my favorite! Well done!

  2. Hoi Sabiha, is dit een voorproefje van meer planten? Deze zien er al prachtig uit. Ben benieuwd naar de rest! Groet, Lara

  3. They are beautiful! I tried making a fern yesterday but it certainly doesn't look anything like the ones Carolyn Mohler makes! I need to practice and to learn the best technique. I really want to make some different plants but I am stuck on hydrangeas.


  4. Hello Sabiha,
    The flowers looks beautiful!!!!! You made them look so real!!!
    I also love the display of the Macaroon's....very delicat indeed!!!
    I am busy with Victoria and trying to fit in some time for the "holiday swap" I am in.

  5. Lovely Plants Sabiha. The Lavender looks wonderful..xxxx

  6. I love them! I especially like the lavender pot! I surely need some for my mediterranean doolshouse...

  7. Hello Sabiha!

    You made wonderful flowers, they look really realistic!
    The ballerina is so cute!

    Have a nice holiday!


  8. Mooie plantjes Sabiha, de klaproos is erg realistisch en de balerina is geweldig mooi gemaakt.

    groet Heleni

  9. Que preciosidad de plantas!!!!
    Las amapolas estan geniales, me encantan los campos de amapolas!!!
    besitos ascension

  10. The plants are very pretty, lavender is a masterpiece!
    Imagine that I did not punch or kit and I also draw and cut out the leaves and petals, sigh!
    I wish you happy holidays filled with rest and miniatures :-)

  11. They look great! I really have to try to do some flowers, I've many times opened one of my flower kits and then just stared at the huge amount of tiny petals - and put the packet away :D

  12. Allemaal weer helemaal mooi!
    Je bent weer lekker bezig geweest.
    X Syl

  13. Those flowers are beautifully made!
    Have a good day

  14. Very nice plants. I love the lavender! Carol x

  15. The flowers are so wonderful!!! I LOVE the red poppies(my favorite). They look so real! Your ballerina came out really wonderful too.

  16. The poppy is really beautiful:D
    Greetings, piikko

  17. Your little flowers look wonderful, I totally understand about Pascales kits, they are great, I have many....(I just need to translate the!!!) It is becoming harder and harder to find time for miniatures isn't it? takes over!

    (Mercedes and I made some of Pascales flowers yesterday....I shall put a photo on my blog soon!)

    Linda x

  18. I love the flowers!! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sab, I love them but the poppies best of all. I love them in real too.Here time for minis is getting shorter and shorter.... I need a Time turner please ! Hugs Rosanna

  20. heb er weinig verstand van,maar weet wel dat ze er erg echt uit zien!Dikke kus!

  21. Ooh so many thanks for the nice comments,you all!

    I try to answer some of your questions.

    @Lara, ik heb nog een kit liggen met een hang geranium, maar heb nog niet genoeg moet verzameld om er aan te beginnen,haha! Maar er komen zeker nog meer planten en bleomen...hou me blog maar in de gaten.

    @D: I know what you meen, just try and you will see that it is a lot of work but when it is finished you will be very happy with the results.

    @ Linda, I know just what you meen...some times life takes over,but than again when there
    is time for minies ,it makes me very happy!
    How nice to hear you having a great time together with Mercedes, can't wait to see the pics!

    @Rosanna, I just ordered a time turner for you...LOL. I wish I realy could! I know exactly what you meen.

    @Joyce,maar je hebt wel verstand van plantjes,dus erg bedankt voor je compliment!


  22. Olá Sabiha!
    Plantas sempre são ótimas em qualquer ambiente além de ser uma fonte inesgotável de inspiração; suas plantas estão muito reais e sempre possuem sua marca: "Bom gosto"!!!!
    Parabéns pelo belo trabalho.
    Grande abraço

  23. Beautiful Sabiha. Love the lavender.

  24. Your flowers are very, very nice.