Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm going on a Trip!

This little suitcase I have made for Sylvia for a special occasion!
Sylvia is a very good friend,I have met her through out our interest for mini's! She is the kindest person I have met and she often sends me surprises with beautiful gifts and cards! I realy do not know how to thank her for all her kindness!
And if that is not enough she came with a super duper surprise...?!
Sylvia,has invited me to come with her to Paris!!!!!!
We will travel with the Talys, first class...I'm so excited!
Can you beleive it....well I still have to pinch myself!
We hope we can go in the weekend, when the big show is in Paris,and meet some blog friends!
I can't almost wait till it is time to go and pack my bags......


  1. Sabiha, How lucky Sylvia is!!! Is lovely and full of items!!! Excellent work.

    Could you please send me your address is the Easter Swap of Caterina.
    My email is :
    Thanks and hugs,

  2. You have made a fabulous gift for Sylvia, I love the tiny map, tickets and the passport....I'm sure she will love it!

    You are so correct, Sylvia is a lovely and generous friend, hope you both have a wonderful time in Paris.

    Hugs to you both....Linda x

  3. I have found a dogsitter for that weekend, so we are going!!!!
    And don't think I am so rich, the tickets for the thalys have I from my work.
    I am traffic-controller Dutch railway.
    Thank you Sab, for those nice words.
    X Syl

  4. Congratulations it is sure that pasais very well in paris, is a beautiful city

    An embrace

    Felicidades seguro que lo pasais muy bien en paris, es una ciudad preciosa

    un abrazo

  5. I wish to both of you "Bon Voyage"!
    Have a wonderful time!

    mini hugs

  6. Oh, you two will have such a wonderful time together!


  7. I love the little suitcase and that little Passport! What a lovely surprise to be going away - I hope you both have a lovely time in Paris and let us know all about it.

  8. I am so happpy to hear this and I hopefully will see you both:)I will also be at the fair.
    Great suitcase by the way:)

  9. Have a fabulous time , what fun! A beautiful suitcase Sabiha.Safe journey. I will post your mirror tomorrow, as I came down with a tummy bug and have been ill so havnt been out yet this week! Take care both of you Kate xx

  10. OH!! What a wonderful surprise!!!!!!!! I am very excited about this news, how nice to travel together, that good people is Sylvia, how much fun you have together! I'm happy for you and for she, enjoy this beautiful exciting vacation, do a good trip, I wish you all good, and every purchase of great minis in Paris!
    I beg you, do good pictures, I want to see everything, as if I were coming with you two!
    and ... cover, it's cold! LOL
    Sylvia very fortunate to have the free tickets, my dad worked for the State Railways in Italy, I too have traveled so much, free!
    PS very nice this bag, but will not be a little small for this trip?? LOL LOL
    kisses, Caterina

  11. Have a fantastic time! With such luggage, you'll travel in style!

  12. What a fabulous surprise!!!!! And yes, she is a great friend for giving you this!!!! WOW
    The Paris fair will be a big blogger meeting as well as a great fair, and I am so exited because I am going too. And I really look forward to meet you all :-)

  13. Have a wonderful time the both of you in Paris.
    I can't wait to see what you come back with. Don't forget the camera we want to see pictures.
    Love the little Suitcase.. xxxx

  14. How exciting! I know you will have a wonderful time and we will all enjoy your trip vicariously! And what a sweet little filled suitcase!


  15. And I was so exited, I forgot to comment about the great suitcase you made for Sylvia!!!
    Yeei....Parris here we come!!!!

  16. How exciting! I know you will have a wonderful time!

  17. That's such a great gift from Sylvia. Your gift to her is very good I love it, it will be such a nice keepsake.
    Is it the SIMP in June, the fair you are talking about. If it is like Synnove I will be there too. It would so wonderful and fun to meet all there...

  18. I love the suicase!! and I love the idea of meeting you ! Looking forward to that Hugs Rosanna

  19. How exciting....have a wonderful time.

    Love the suitcase :-)

  20. What a beautiful suitcase.A very sweet suprise for Sylvia.
    And what a nice trip you two going to make have a lots of fun.


  21. A great gift for a minifriend. Sylvia is a very lucky girl. And a map of Paris is always nice to have also in a miniform. Have a great trip both of you

  22. Wow super zeg! Dat is me nog eens een verrassing! Het koffertje is ook errug leuk, met al die details!

  23. O hug everyone for me please!! Especially Sylvia & Rosanna :)

  24. Hoi Sabiha,

    Nogmaals...een heel leuk koffertje!

    Jij boft maar om naar Parijs te gaan, ik hoop voor je dat je leuke spulletjes zult scoren.

    Heel veel plezier samen met Sylvia!

  25. Ein so hübsches Geschenk ... und auch passend zum Anlass.

    Der kleine Koffer macht richtig Lust auf reisen.

    Dann wünsche ich Euch beiden mal viel Spaß und eine gute Reise!

    Liebe Grüße Puno / Monika

  26. Hi, you all! I wish I could take you al with me,and have a nice time together! I will take a lot of pictures!
    I'm so excited to meet some of you too in real!

    I have to save some money,so i can spent it in Paris!


  27. Wonderful gift, I like it very much, Sylvia is so lucky for have a very good friend like you... hugs

  28. and Sylvia!!!1
    I am sure you will have a great time, the best!!!

  29. Waw, it's a fantastic thing!!!!
    Sylvia is a very nice person but I think you are nice too!!!
    I'll be at the fair and I'm very happy to will meet you and Sylvia.....WE LOVE PARIS!!!!!!!
    Fantastic your suitcase...the real one will be like this????

  30. Nou heb je deze al is gezien? staat een aantal dingen op met hout, erg mooi!


  31. WoW! Lucky you! You really must be excited. Have a wonderful trip! :) Nice suitcase you have made!

  32. Sabiha, could you please get in touch with me by email.

    Thanks in advance!

  33. Olá Sabiha!

    Parece que cheguei atrazado!!! mas tudo bem, fica para a próxima. Obrigado pela visita e comentário que deixou em meu blog!
    fico feliz que tenha gostado!
    Grande abraço

  34. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing photos and hearing what you love the most about Paris. have a great time!

  35. It is a lovely suitcase!
    I would love to have her in a 1/1 scale ;)